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Final Fantasy III on DS

by Michael Cole - October 7, 2004, 2:28 am EDT
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Remember that poll Square Enix ran in Japan?

Along with Nintendo's own hefty game announcements, Nintendo's presentation confirmed what was previously speculated: Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy III to Nintendo DS.

Many of Square's classic RPGs have been remade over the years, but no version of Final Fantasy III (in Japan) has ever graced American stores. No Japanese launch timeframe was disclosed, nor were any plans of an international release.


ruby_onixOctober 07, 2004

I'm pretty sure this is Final Fantasy 3 (from the original Famicom), not FF6 (from the Super Famicom).

It's doubtful that anyone in Japan would use the mixed-up American numbers, which have even been officially been "straightened out" by Square on the PSX, with FF Anthology and FF Chronicles.

The original FF3 has never been seen in America. NOA apparently specially requested that Square give the original FF3 another shot, after Square decided to bring FF1&2 (the original ones) to the GBA, simply because FF3 has never been available in America before. So I'm guessing that an American release is downright inevitable.

Edit: Here's how the whole "FF naming thing" works, for anyone who's confused.

There were actually THREE Final Fantasy games on the Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES). Nintendo of America brought the first one over. But for reasons that we don't really need to get into right now, neither Square or NOA brought the "real" FF2&3 over to America.

Final Fantasy 4, 5 and 6 were made on the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES). Square brought FF4 over to America, but they decided to change it's name to "Final Fantasy 2". They skipped FF5 entirely, and brought over FF6 as "Final Fantasy 3".

So the games many of you probably remember fondly as "FF2" and FF3" were really FF4 and FF6.

With Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation, Square stopped using mixed up numbers. Nowadays, you're only supposed to use the mixed up numbers when you're speaking historically about the actual American SNES cartrige games, and even then it's a good idea to be pretty deliberate about it.

Square ported FF4 to 6 to the PSX, and released them in America, under their original names. This was the first time FF5 became available in America.

Square had intended to make enhanced remakes of the first three FF games for Bandai's Wonderswan handheld (which was more powerful than the NES, but not as powerful as the SNES), but they had some sort of unknown mystery problem with FF3, so they forced a downgraded version of FF4 onto the system in it's place.

Square then decided to re-remake the Wonderswan versions of FF1&2 and put them on the PSX. FF3 was mysteriously skipped. Again. But it was released in the States, which was a first for FF2.

Then more recently, Square decided to bring FF1&2 to the GBA as downgraded remakes of the PSX versions, to take advantage of the "NES Classics" fever over old games on the GBA. FF3 was skipped again. Or so it seemed.

LoknoOctober 07, 2004

I'd much rather have Final Fantasy VI. Your probably right that this is just III, but would be a thousand times more awesome if it was VI.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorOctober 07, 2004

I think it woudl be 1000 times awesomer than your awesome if it was original 3 compeltey redone with high quality sprites.

LoknoOctober 07, 2004

Sir, you underestimate my awesome.

CHENOctober 07, 2004

Final Fantasy VI is most awesome, don't deny it!

chlupeOctober 07, 2004

You sure it's not the original NES FFIII, remade? Because a "remade" FF III/VI did indeed see face time on the Playstation. I'm a wee bit confused.

"According to Akitoshi Kawazu of Square-Enix, the company is planning to do a port of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. This is not the FFIII that saw release on the Super NES, but rather the Famicom edition that has still yet to see the light of day outside of Japan. A release date has yet to be determined." -Nintendojo.com

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorOctober 07, 2004


Yeah, I do believe that this is just a confusion by the PGC guys when they wrote this article.

OK, yeah, I goofed up. It was 3 in the morning, but that's no excuse. Sorry guys.

chlupeOctober 07, 2004

No problem. That avatar makes up for it.

Ian SaneOctober 07, 2004

It looks funny that you're apoligizing for it being the NES game. I think it's GREAT that it's the NES game since for us in North America that's essentially a brand new game. Of all the titles to ever be re-released this has got to be the most requested. Now SE better release it in North America or I'm going to scream.

couchmonkeyOctober 07, 2004

I agree with Ian. Especially about the screaming part. I'm more excited about this than FFIV...however, a bundle of games would be even cooler. Oh well, I'm happy Square Enix is supporting the DS with more than Crystal Chronicles. This gives the DS a huge boost in Japan!

Koopa TroopaOctober 07, 2004

I also agree with Ian, I already own Final Fantasy VI. Final Fantasy III will probably be the first good game Square has released since Final Fantasy Tactics, since technically for we Americans, Australians, etc. this is a new game.

AlecOctober 07, 2004

I'd have rather had Secret of Mana over FF3, to be honest. face-icon-small-sad.gif

PaLaDiNOctober 07, 2004

"I'd have rather had Secret of Mana over FF3, to be honest."

Isn't a SoM game being made for DS? I could have sworn I saw an article somewhere...

nitsu niflheimOctober 07, 2004

Did I just hear Sony get bitch slapped or what? face-icon-small-tongue.gif lol

Perfect CellOctober 07, 2004

Sigh I wanted Chrono Trigger... or at least a remake of FF6.... Nothing against this, but FF6 is a classic..

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusOctober 07, 2004

yea since Square-Enix isnt supporting the PSP at all for the moment (well I dont count Advent of Children since thats not a game).

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorOctober 07, 2004

You're crazy if you don't think SE will support the PSP... After all, discs are better right?? =P But seriously... we get FFIII which is pretty hot, I have a distinct feeling PSP will be getting a FFVII remake very close to launch. It makes perfect sense for Squeenix.

BlkPaladinOctober 07, 2004

After getting the other remakes I'm very happy that III finally may come state side, just another reason to own the DS.

chlupeOctober 07, 2004

I think it was an apology moreso for the fact that he had posted the wrong thing at first (it used to say "...a reworked version of FFIII (FFVI) has never seen North American shores" or something to that effect), but again as he said he as awake till a$$ o'clock, so posting errors will happen... face-icon-small-smile.gif


Originally posted by: Ian Sane
It looks funny that you're apoligizing for it being the NES game. I think it's GREAT that it's the NES game since for us in North America that's essentially a brand new game. Of all the titles to ever be re-released this has got to be the most requested. Now SE better release it in North America or I'm going to scream.

ruby_onixOctober 07, 2004

I'm rather excited that we're finally going to get the original FF3, except that after I calm down, I know deep down that something like FF6 or Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana would probably make for a better game, even as just a port of something we've already seen in America before. They're just better games.

I do really like the pattern of Square releasing FF1&2 on the GBA, and then releasing FF3 on the DS. It shows that they feel the DS is going to be "the next GBA". Like how Enix released Dragon Quest 1&2 on the GBC, and DQ3 on the GBA.

Also, this is a bigger win for Nintendo of America than just having FF1&2 on the GBA. For many of Nintendo's Square fans, the "2" part of FF1&2 is an all-new chapter of the Final Fantasy series on the GBA. For all Square fans (on either side of the Sony/Nintendo fence) this is an all-new chapter of the FF series on the DS. This will bring over Final Fantasy who may have been considering sticking with Sony and the PSP.

So this is good news, but it can get better. Square-Enix needs to get to work on making some of their all-new DS games (like the next FF:CC) as good as they can be (and not skimp on the plot/storyline this time, like they did with the original FF:CC), but at the same time, I do hope they start working on making port/remakes on any or all of those great SNES titles they had mentioned in that DS poll card they mailed with FF1&2.

Port/remakes of FF4-6 could actually be better on the DS than they were on the SNES (unlike on the PSX, where they just gained loading times). Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) could have Wi-Fi multiplayer. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) has, like FF3, never been seen in America. Dragon Quest 5 and Dragon Quest 6 have never been seen in America.

Square-Enix, you need to get working on these. And don't stab me in the heart by making choppy 3D remakes on them on the PS2, and then not even making those choppy 3D remakes available in America (yes, I'm staring at YOU, Enix).

LuigiOctober 07, 2004

I am hopeful that this title will allow the use to manipulate the interface "windows" with the touch screen. If so, hot keying will be a thing of the past. face-icon-small-cool.gif

nitsu niflheimOctober 07, 2004

Actually Dragon Quest/Warrior 3 was on GBC, not the GBA (I should know, I have the game.) face-icon-small-smile.gif

Dragon Quest Montsers 3 was on GBA, however, if that is what you meant.

ruby_onixOctober 07, 2004

*looks at carts again*

Oh yeah. I got mixed up. DQ1&2 was for the classic GameBoy (with GBC extras), while DQ3 was a GBC game.

They're older than I remembered.

seen33October 07, 2004

im tired of them porting old games. I think we should get a port containing FF 1-6 all on 1 cartridge. We know it could all fit. then SE could maybe release FF8-9 on the PSP. this way games wouldent be so spread out and confusing.. and we could play them all.

BTW FF3/6 was the greatest.. I got lucky and found it used at Blockbuster for 9.99. Ill never sell it face-icon-small-smile.gif

PaLaDiNOctober 07, 2004

"They're just better games."

You know this how?

ruby_onixOctober 07, 2004

FF6, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger? Even if I hadn't played FF1 on the NES and FF1&2 on the PSX, it's a safe bet.

However it's just my opinion (and an opinion that only emerged after the excitement of FF3 news wore off somewhat).

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