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Konga Beach Reaches London Zoo

by Karlie Yeung - July 28, 2004, 5:35 pm EDT
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We visit the Konga Beach Road Trip as it arrives at London Zoo.

Today was the first day of a two-day stop at London Zoo for the Nintendo Konga Beach Tour Truck. The area near the children’s playground was cleared to make room for the activities and on entering participants are provided with a map that doubles as an entry card for the Donkey Konga tournament.

To enter the tournament first three “beach games” had to be completed. Pikmin Slingshot involves catapulting plush Pikmin through a basketball hoop, in Feed the Apes bananas are thrown through a board with holes for DK and Diddy’s mouths, and Mario Surf Run has people running down a slide whilst attached to a bungee cord.

The song of choice for the tournament is “Alright” on Monkey mode, the easy level of the Street Performer mode in the game. High scores are recorded onto completed entry cards which can then be handed in for the competition. The top ten scorers from the events earn themselves a VIP place in the finals at Game Stars Live this September.

In the truck there were a number of GameCube and Game Boy Advance titles to play. Most had already been released but a few such as Wario Ware and Animal Crossing are yet to be released in Europe. Donkey Konga was playable for practice too, with around eight songs unlocked on each difficulty level.

Other attractions include the Crusha Beach Bar serving milkshakes and giant blow-up Pokemon that became the latest addition to the zoo animals for today.

The Konga Beach tour continues throughout the UK next month.


nickmitchJuly 29, 2004


Pikmin Slingshot is so cruel.

Then isn't the game cruel too?
Thowing Pikmin to fight creatures multiple times their size and having them risk death for your own personal gain isn't?

KDR_11kJuly 29, 2004

Better Pikmin Slingshot than Cat-A-Pult.

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