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The Wind Waker 2 Sails to E3

by Ed Shih - March 24, 2004, 11:48 pm EST
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At the GDC, Eiji Aonuma offered insights on recent developments in the Zelda series and teased the audience with a brief reference to the Wind Waker 2.

Wednesday afternoon at the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma delivered a lecture entitled "The Evolution of a Franchise: The Legend of Zelda" in which he presented a retrospecitve on the Zelda series, offered some ideas as to what makes a game "Zelda-esque", and shared some amusing insights on the development of recent Zelda games.

Unfortunately, no concrete details were offered on the sequel to the Wind Waker. The game was only listed with a vague 2XXX release year on a chart of all the Zelda games. On the positive side, more information regarding the future of the Zelda series should be coming soon in May at E3 as Mr. Aonuma said that, "With this new expressive quality [of 2.5d gameplay of The Four Swords Adventure], and with the upcoming release unique Nintendo DS system, I think we'll see more changes coming to the franchise, the likes of which we can talk more about at this year's E3, when we'll also talk about development with the Wind Waker 2."

Below is Bill Trinen's English translation of Mr. Aonuma's presentation. Please right-click and save.

GDC 2004 - Eiji Aonuma on Zelda (MP3)

An official transcript of Mr. Aonuma's lecture can found on Nintendo's official web site.

Pictures of the presentation:

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Bill AurionMarch 25, 2004

Heh, 2XXX...Very cute... face-icon-small-cool.gif

SPhil64March 25, 2004

2XXX? I've seen the date as 200X. And didn't they say that WW2 would be around Christmas before? I could've sworn that they did.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMarch 25, 2004

WOOAH, they must have put 3 x's for a REASON!!!



Ian SaneMarch 25, 2004

"I think we'll see more changes coming to the franchise, the likes of which we can talk more about at this year's E3"

The statement would have made me excited a few years ago but after seeing some of the "changes" Nintendo has been doing lately it scares me more than anything else. "Our new Zelda game will use only the start button and will have stick figure characters. We believe this new simple approach will bring in new types of gamers." Interestingly enough he said they'll "also talk about development with the Wind Waker 2" as if these changes don't apply to that game. Interesting.

NinGurl69 *hugglesMarch 25, 2004


slackerMarch 25, 2004

If there is a change for the next Zelda, I hope they get rid of the sailing element. It was boring and annoying. Although I enjoy WW, I can't say it was the best game I have played on the GC. I would rate it as one of the worst Zelda games in the series. It was easy and the sailing element just made the game appear to last long. Give me a real land Zelda world and I'll be happy.

But as flawed in execution as TWW was, gawd...that battle system was to die for!

Carmine M. Red

OldskoolMarch 25, 2004

If they were to introduce sailing elements into WW2, I want:

More complex sea battles and enemies

Shorter sailing times

More town, dungeon, story-related etc. islands

Bill AurionMarch 25, 2004


Originally posted by: slacker
If there is a change for the next Zelda, I hope they get rid of the sailing element. It was boring and annoying. Although I enjoy WW, I can't say it was the best game I have played on the GC. I would rate it as one of the worst Zelda games in the series. It was easy and the sailing element just made the game appear to last long. Give me a real land Zelda world and I'll be happy.

Guess what? If you've been around since the original was released for the NES you'd realize that not a single Zelda game is the same...So the chances of there being as much sailing(if there is even sailing at all) in WW2 is pretty slim...

For me, I'd be happy if they just add a couple more dungeons and a subtle love story like they did with Link's Awakening...

slackerMarch 25, 2004

Each Zelda game builds upon its predecessor with the exception of AoL. So there is a chance that sailing will be a part of the next one if they decide to use the existing engine. I just didn't enjoy sailing. Took too long to get from one place to another. I have no complaints about the gameplay or story. I just thought the sailing aspect made the game longer than it really was and the game wasn't difficult compared to previous Zeldas.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMarch 25, 2004

::Trying to avoid starting another wind waker debate but I have to say it::

I think the fact that the sailing was in there brough a high sense of realism to the game. If you think about it, its the same realism that was in all of the other zelda games. In OoT remember how frustrating it was when you felt the need to go somewhere that was clear across the map? All you did was fight nobody enemies and you didn't complain about that. The water was an important part of the story, and if they just let you warp places it would have been nonsensical. If you wanted to bounch on down to your resort you could do that. Whereas, the way it was implemented, you had to decide if it was really worth your time at that given moment. Very cool level of immersion in my opinion.

EdisimMarch 25, 2004

I liked being able to call and ride on epona (the horse) in Ocarina of time. And being able to shoot the bow and arrow while riding was great, too. much cooler than a talking boat.. who made these weird groaning/grunting noises..

RealmRPGerMarch 25, 2004

I really thought Wind Waker had a killer story....but that's just me.

This thread is not for Wind Waker 2 speculation--there are other threads for that.

I'm getting the impression that many are commenting without listening to our MP3 of his presentation. I highly encourage you to listen to Aonuma's presentation--you can't take his ambiguous statements on the next Zelda out of context without comprimising his true message.

Uncle Rich AiAiMarch 26, 2004

Hey, isn't the 4th picture of Miyamoto slapping Bill Gates in the face?????????????????????? face-icon-small-shocked.gif

if so....

ahahahaha.....Nintendo are not know to attack their rivals! Picture of the year so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! face-icon-small-happy.gif face-icon-small-happy.gif face-icon-small-happy.gif

Bill AurionMarch 26, 2004

Heh, I think that is a woman... face-icon-small-wink.gif

Uncle Rich AiAiMarch 26, 2004

Maybe it's the hair style and glasses......that makes it look like Bill Gates

MakMarch 26, 2004

Hey, I just wanted to thank Planet Gamecube for providing the mp3 audio of Aonuma's speech (as read by Bill Trinen of course). I listened to the whole thing, and even got halfway done with a text transcript before IGN posted their's last night. I think I'm going to try to finish it so if someone from PGC isn't working on one, then I guess I could e-mail the staff if they're interested, if I get it done.

Ian SaneMarch 26, 2004

In the presentation I like when he talks about the times when Miyamoto corrects him. The fact that subtle stuff like how the bomb shop owner must react to a kid buying bombs at night is so imporant to him shows how much of a genius Miyamoto is. It's little things like that that make his games so great.

KDR_11kMarch 26, 2004

The fact that he can't handle action sequences very well might be the reason why the combat in Wind Waker is so easy...

GonmonMarch 26, 2004

I really enjoyed the whole lecture, really. I loved how he went into detail to explain how various elements that no one would really notice go into the game to make it so much better than the rest of the stuff out there. It's things like these that make me honor Miyamoto and other workers so much more than I already do.

The only thing I didn't like about the whole lecture was that I wasn't there. Shame on me for putting school over attending the GDC this year. And I would have had that Alumni discount too. Argh.

You're welcome, Mak! I'm glad I was able to provide the audio :-) Since IGN has a transcription already, I doubt we'll do one of our own. Transcription is hard work, and I appreciate your effort, but readers can already just visit us for the audio and read along at IGN. That's my personal opinion, of course.

MakMarch 26, 2004

Yeah heh I didn't know if one was going to be made and this is the kind of stuff I eat up, so I wanted it in text. I've been pointed to Nintendo.com now and they have one too http://www.nintendo.com/gamedev?gameid=m-Game-0000-1849 so I give up. face-icon-small-smile.gif Keep up the good work.

mouse_clickerMarch 26, 2004

Everyone reading this should go check out what Aonuma has to say- it really is an incredible speech and gives a ton of insight into what Zelda is and how Nintendo continually keeps it fresh.

Thanks for the official transcript link, Mak! I've updated the story :-)

Bill AurionMarch 27, 2004

THIS is why the Zelda is the best videogame series of all-time... ^_^

RichMarch 27, 2004

Man, lots of good games are gonna be shown at E3. for me MP2 was enouph, then there is WW2, giest, DS gamezero so much stuff.

EdisimMarch 28, 2004

what's gamezero? or is DS gamezero a term to mean DS in playable form?

Bill AurionMarch 28, 2004

Game Zero is a secret project by the development team, Zoonami, that's been in production for quite a while now exclusively for the GC...

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