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Konami Flashes a New MGS: TTS Website

by Ed Shih - February 26, 2004, 10:29 pm EST
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Konami's new Flash based website offers some basic background info on the Metal Gear universe to help you gear up for Solid Snake's GameCube debut.

Konami of America has launched a new flash based website for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. For those who haven't played the original or who haven't been keeping up with the latest previews, you can check out the site for a brief description of the game, a quick history of the Metal Gear universe up until the events of The Twin Snakes, character profiles, and download the game's previously released trailer movies.

Head over to the Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes website and check it out yourself.


CaseyRybackFebruary 26, 2004

Why did they have to go with that ugly box art when the print ads look so good?

the site is pretty cool, thanks for the link

OldskoolFebruary 27, 2004

How dare Konami "flash" us. Do they have any decency?

ruby_onixFebruary 27, 2004

Their "quick history" seems a little inadequate. They should've at least mentioned Grey Fox.

Here, I'll write up a bit more, for anyone who's interested.

Spoilers for Metal Gear and MG2: Solid Snake, of course.
In the original Metal Gear, you play as "Solid Snake", a rookie member of Foxhound. Your personal hero, and the main agent of Foxhound, a soldier code-named "Grey Fox" was captured while investigating Outer Heaven, a military nation developing a nuclear arsenal called "Metal Gear". "Big Boss", a formerly legendary soldier and the commander/founder of your unit, orders you to infiltrate Outer Heaven to rescue Grey Fox, and ensure the success of his mission.

Along the way, your radio-contacted support team is mysteriously eliminated, one by one.

You eventually succeed in rescuing Grey Fox, some scientists, and making your way to the heart of Outer Heaven, where you find Big Boss. He had betrayed you, Grey Fox and all of Foxhound, in favor of his world-domination plans in Outer Heaven. He had sent a rookie like you into Outer Heaven, expecting you to die, not succeed in your mission.

You defeat Big Boss, and put an end to his plans. You and Grey Fox go home.

I believe that "Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear 2" on the NES was an action game, basically dealing with Snake taking out the guys who eliminated your support team, but I can't remember, because it's been a long time since I played it. Anyways, it's not considered the "real" sequel to Metal Gear, as it wasn't made by Hideo Kojima or anyone else from the first game.

In the real sequel, "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake", which was only available in Japan, Big Boss apparently survived and retreated to Zanzibar, to rebuild a new army. For the final battle, the game apparently put you against Grey Fox, who had switched sides.

Metal Gear Solid, or The Twin Snakes as it's now being called, is the third game in the series.

SearanoXFebruary 27, 2004

Interesting website, although it's a little lacking when it comes to information. I really hate Flash websites with no real content and such. This is one of them. I mean, they don't even have any new media...

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorFebruary 27, 2004

flash websites = commercials on tv

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