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GameCube Soul Calibur II Leads the Way

by Robert Graves - September 24, 2003, 8:55 am EDT
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What a difference a Link makes.

According to NPD Funworld data for August, the GameCube version of Soul Calibur II is leading the way, with an average of 30 percent more sales than either the PS2 or XBox releases. It looks like there are a lot of Link fans out there and it sure is comforting to see a GameCube title heading up the pack like this. Let's just hope that our man from Hyrule has more staying power than the opposition!


theRPGFreakSeptember 24, 2003

I think that this is good to see a third-pary game this big selling the most on the GameCube. I think that it shows third-party developers that their games can sell well on the GameCube if they put more effort into it, and shows Nintendo that fans really like the realistic Link.

KnoxxvilleSeptember 24, 2003

Yeah, this is all well and good, but it really just shows how no thought was put into the other 2 titles. I mean....HEIHACHI? He doesn't even have a weapon! And SPAWN?!? Sheez. As far as character exclusivity goes, GC Soul Calibur wouldn't have been so ahead had R&D did their homework. Shoot, for the PS2, they coulda put Cloud from FFVII! That would gave Link a legitimate run for the money. And Dante from Devil may Cry woulda fit right in. Shinobi, Sephiroth, dude from Onimusha...this list goes on and on..... Xbox? How about good 'ol Ryu Hayabasa, eh? A little Ninja Gaiden woulda gone a looooong way for Xbox SC2.

But, as it stands, since no one in a position to do something with these brilliant character selections came up with these ideas, GC SC2 is running away from it's other console interations! YAY NINTENDO!

RickPowersRick Powers, Staff AlumnusSeptember 24, 2003

Interesting points. Except that Namco had to use characters that they had the RIGHTS to. Spawn was available due to their work with McFarlane. Heihachi is a Namco property. Link was on loan from Nintendo ... at NINTENDO'S request. If there's blame to be laid here, it lies on Sony and Microsoft's doorsteps.

Grey NinjaSeptember 24, 2003


Link was on loan from Nintendo ... at NINTENDO'S request

I seem to remember hearing somewhere that Namco asked Nintendo to use Link. I am pretty sure I read that in a Miyamoto interview somewhere. Would you clarify this a bit for me Rick? Do you exactly what went on?

KnoxxvilleSeptember 24, 2003

Geez, Rick. Well, if were gonna get technical about it, then it doesn't rest on Sony or Microsoft's doorstep....it would be kickin' on the following doorsteps....

Cloud and Sephiroth would be talking lucky 'bout the old times on the SquareEnix stoop....

Dante and Samanousuke would be sharing undead-themed war stories over at Capcom Manor....

Shinobi would be enjoying a brisk autumn day while ironing his scarf at the Sega Estate.....

Ryu Hayabusa would be in the hotub with Tina, Kasumi, and Helena enjoying a few cold ones over at the Tecmo Crib.

As far as the "lash back" disclaimer goes, whether or not additional approval is neccessary from Sony or Microsoft considering they do not exclusively own any of the afore mentioned characters is beyond me.

End of line.....

DjunknownSeptember 24, 2003

Ummm, Knoxxvile you DO realize that those characters you just mentioned were from companies they consider rivals right? Sega has their own little fighting game I'm sure you heard of it: Virtua fighter 4.

Namco also makes RPGS, like Tales, Xenosaga, ect. You'd think they'd knock on their rival's door and ask to use their characters? Riiiiiight....

Shinobi is also owned by Sega, see above statement.

Same goes with Tecmo, who are pretty much in Microsoft's corner.

Even if Microsoft and Sony wanted to bribe these companies, it would just be considered 'distasteful.' Which kind of shows that only a company like Nintendo could do this.

It'd be very interesting if Namco (In a crazy alternate universe) released a special Arcade edition featuring the console characters and console exclusives. Then that would settle once and for all who would win in a fight? All they'd need is Nintendo's permission. (Though I'm sure hardcore SC2 would stay far away from them, the casual player wouldn't mind taking Link for a spin)

KnoxxvilleSeptember 24, 2003

Yeah, I'm not arguing that....I'm just saying that the blame did not rest on Sony or Microsoft's doorstep, that's all. Besides, that's why I didn't mention any VF4 characters.....don't think that Kage-Maru did not cross my mind.


RABicleSeptember 25, 2003

Mabye now developers like Edios and the like who ditched the gamecube because of the poor sales of their games will relise that we didn't buy their stuff because we're smart enough not to. They have to make good games for us to buy them.

KDR_11kSeptember 25, 2003

Hm, I bet the other two exclusive chars are there so it doesn't seem like Namco is giving an unfair advantage to Nintendo on purpose. However, wasn't Namco involved in the Triforce hardware? Somehow it looks like Namco and Nintendo are getting closer, anyone up for talks of new alliances?

Frozen-SolidSeptember 25, 2003

I'm glad to finally see some numbers. Working at my local EB, the cube version was the first one to sell out, followed by the xbox and lastly the ps2. There were also a nicer range of ages with the cube version... which is nice to see because it's getting younger audiences into the genre. And of course we all know that's because of Link face-icon-small-wink.gif

Grey NinjaSeptember 25, 2003

KDR, Namco's Tales of Symphonia also sold well, and unless I am ocmpletely retarded, that game didn't have any Nintendo characters in it. I think that the game sold well for two reasons.

1) It is a freaking fantastic game
2) It is just as good, if not better than the other console's versions.

To me, this is a perfect example of a game that's given a GOOD GCN port.

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