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Madden 2004 Flies off Store Shelves

by Steven Rodriguez - September 2, 2003, 3:02 pm PDT
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Two million in three weeks. Yikes.

...And Boom Again! EA Sports Madden NFL 2004 Shatters Records with Two Million Units Sold in Three Weeks

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 2, 2003--Electronic Arts, the world's leading developer and publisher of videogames, today announced that based on internal tracking, two football titles launched in July and August have broken records. Madden NFL 2004 has sold through more than two million units in just over three weeks. NCAA® Football 2004 has sold through close to one million units.

"The data we're getting from retailers indicates this could be another record breaking year for Madden NFL and NCAA Football," said EA Senior Vice President of Marketing Frank Gibeau. "The season is just beginning and serious fans have already been to the store twice for football games made by EA SPORTS."

Major retailers have confirmed a record-breaking launch. "Based on the first three weeks of sales across all platforms, Madden NFL 2004 is the fastest selling game in the history of EBGames," said Jeff Griffiths, President and CEO.

"EA broke the record," said GameStop President and Chief Operating Officer Dan DeMatteo. "Madden's first week numbers made it the fastest-selling game we've ever had in our stores."

Based on internal tracking, EA estimates:

  • Both games are maintaining strong momentum at retail.

  • To date, total sales of the two EA SPORTS(TM) football games are just below three million units.

  • Madden is the #1 football title on the PlayStation® 2.

  • Madden is the #1 football title on the Xbox(TM).

  • Madden is the #1 football title on the Nintendo GameCube(TM).

  • Madden is the #1 football title on the PC, the Game Boy® Advance and the original PlayStation.

  • NCAA Football 2004 is the #2 football title on all platforms.

  • Both games are currently tracking ahead of the record volume established in 2002, when independent data showed they were the number one and number two selling football titles with a collective category market share of 82.1 percent. Historically, sports represent roughly 27 percent of the market for games in North America. Football titles represent roughly 28 percent of the sports category.

  • In the past six weeks, EA SPORTS football titles have registered 200,000 new user accounts to play online through the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

"We couldn't be happier with the way this game has been received by fans and critics," said EA's Tiburon Studio General Manager Steve Chiang. "Gaming critics have overwhelmingly chosen Madden NFL 2004 as the top rated game and we've achieved our highest ratings in the history of the franchise."

"Consumer enthusiasm for our football titles suggests it's going to be an unprecedented year for the entire EA SPORTS brand," said Frank Gibeau. "September releases include NASCAR Thunder 2004, NHL 2004 and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004. In October, we'll launch a major marketing campaign to promote breakthrough game play innovations in NBA LIVE 2004. We'll finish up the year in sports with FIFA 2004 and NCAA March Madness 2004 launching in November."


Ian SaneSeptember 02, 2003

I see this as an omen for the downfall of the videogame industry. People should not be buying this many copies of the same damn game year after year after year while many original and argueably better games reach only niche status. This is the same sort of mainstream idiocy that's ruined TV, movies, and music. Seriously what sort of dumbsh!t pays a company $50 each year for a game that is virtually the same thing as last year and doesn't clue in that they're being royally ripped off? If I liked football I'd buy this game like once a generation or at the most once every two years.

Grey NinjaSeptember 02, 2003

It really ticks me of when games off this calibur sell well... It's like people have no respect for good games anymore. Basically, I completely agree with Ian Sane.

mastroiannijoeSeptember 02, 2003

I also don't understand who buys the same game year after year. I might buy one sport game a year but not the same game year after year.

mouse_clickerSeptember 02, 2003

Saying Madden NFL 2004 is the best selling football game on the Gamecube isn't saying much at all.

DjunknownSeptember 02, 2003

Hmmm... 2 million in 3 weeks? That's a lot of virtual PigSkin!

Why did it sell so well? Here is my simple formula:

Americans LOVE football.
Americans Love Videogames.
Americans LOVE Football Video Games!

The main reason people buy what is essentially the same game year after year is because of the updated rosters. Consumers are more than happy to shell out 50 dollars year after year to simulate the Current NFL season (Or play those fantasy matchups.)

Until there's a way to update rosters (online perhaps) on one particular title, expect the same trend, year after year.

I'm in the minorty here because I'm not A) A sports afficianado (The Olympics are the exception, my eyes are glued every time they're on) B)Buy sports games (Though NBA Street is the exception too.) I don't hate the genre, I just don't buy it.

TruckondoSeptember 02, 2003

This was the most promoted game I have ever seen with MTV ( which I only watch Jackass and Doggy Fizzle ) doing a 30 min. promo for the game. People see this crap on TV and see that the uber athletes and todays music superstars play this, and now they can be "cool" like them.

thecubedcanuckSeptember 02, 2003


Seriously what sort of dumbsh!t pays a company $50 each year for a game that is virtually the same thing as last year and doesn't clue in that they're being royally ripped off?

LMAO, you just dont get it do you?
There are more than enough new control features to warrent a purchase for this game, the problem is you dont know football well enough to realize it. Every year things are tweaked, and changed in ways that try and add more depth and realism to the game. Madden 2004 is remarkable in how it lets you control the game as the QB, you honestly feel as if you are the QB. It made me feel I was playing university ball again.

I dont understand why so many of you must critisize sports games when you dont understand them? It almost appears to me that you are all bitter when a sports game sells better than a Nintendo game.

I dont buy sports games because they are cool, or because of the mainstream media as many of you would like to believe. I buy them because I love the real games, because I understand the little nuances that make the real games great and when I see these things in the game I love it. I love beating my buddies at Madden or NHL or tiger not because its cool but because I find it to be fun.

SO please, grow up and see that not everyone thinks the way you do and that they arent wrong about it just because you and your egos say so. To say MAdden selling well is the down fall of the industry is laughable, it means the game is good, simple as that.

TAYREL713September 03, 2003

Speak on it cubedcanuck! I own a GameCube and only a Gamecube so I am die hard Nintendo and try to cop each and every great game on Nintendo systems, but I love football, and truly enjoy video game football, I was to broke last year to buy a game so I made up for it this year and went out and got a Memory Card 251 and a fresh copy of Madden, you know who convinced me this game is the truth? Not tv (I dont even have cable), not the cool kids (I am a grown man), my dude Tim, who is a football genius (draws his own plays up in his spare time and everything) once he put his stamp on it as a true football simulation that is considerably better than years past that was enough for me to know this would be my first Football purchase since the Dreamcast version of NCAA two years back.

rpgloverSeptember 03, 2003

i personally love football and i love madden- its like a curse- i must buy the new version of the game when it comes out- and cubed is correct- there are so many new features in madden 04 that warrent a purchase- basically the new playmaker control is the greatest thing in a madden game since turbo button- you can actually control your recievers to come into the flats or run into wide open territory- and swiching the direction of the play with a flick of the control stick is genius- and that is only some of the offensive playmaker control schemes you can do- defense has a lot too- and the new owner mode is great and really deepens the already super deep franchise mode- and the addition of minicamp drills in offseason mode allows you to up the stats of key players for next season- it truely is a ton of fun

"Seriously what sort of dumbsh!t pays a company $50 each year for a game that is virtually the same thing as last year and doesn't clue in that they're being royally ripped off?"

i do!

Michael8983September 03, 2003

I remember hearing something about Nintendo working with EA to add exclusive GCN/GBA connectivity features to some of EA's sports games. Do these games have any of them? If so, does anyone know what they are?

nolimit19September 03, 2003

AMERICANS LOVE FOOTBALL!! dont underestimate that. people will buy the game because their team is upgraded. it is the most popular game in college dorms. everyone plays madden. its a culture phenomenon. dont forget that. football is probably at its peak now. and it has basketball and baseball strikes/lockouts to thank. football is the sport where its not so much about idividuals. its not a selfish sport. u cant be selfish in football and have a good team. people are probably drawn to that because if people like arod getting a quarter of a billion dollars and shaq wanting 40 million a year. absolute rediculous. another thing is that football doesnt have one or 2 teams dominating. every team has an equal chance. teams go from 3-13 to 13-3. so there is always something to look forward to. this shouldnt be a suprise. i think i may buy madden 2004 just cuz of my love for football. just because people buy it, doesnt mean they think its the best game. its a good football simulation, and better tehn segas football game. anyone who plays football at all will have to admit that. its the best simualtion sports game out there, and it has earned its place in the video game industry in my opinion.

The OmenSeptember 03, 2003

I agree with Cubedcanuck, you people who complain sound like infants for god sake! And saying the downfall of the industry will come from a game selling great is ridiculous. It sells more because football itself is huge. Why is that so hard to understand? And with every nuance added, it makes the game that much more appealing. IAN SANE-If you liked football, you'd say differently. Its easy to say you'd buy it once every ten years when you don't like the sport. People such as myself who love football, watch and play it whenever humanly possible, love playing it in video form because its great fun. Do you really think the ads sell the game to people who dont like football? Give me a break. Not to mention that almost all the young pro athletes play it as well. So dont bring the 'its because you can't play it for real' excuse into the argument. 2004 has enough added to make it worth the purchase. Thats from a football fan, not an 'outside' observer.


Seriously what sort of dumbsh!t pays a company $50 each year for a game that is virtually the same thing as last year and doesn't clue in that they're being royally ripped off?

That is , by far, the most ignorant statement i've read on these forums in quite some time. Reason one being, you've probably never played it. Two, i dont feel ripped off for the simple fact that i know what the updates are, and i want it. Three, Its a great game, or else i wouldn't buy it.

Since when did you become the god for all things game related?

PIACSeptember 03, 2003

well, i have a problem when games like this sell extrodinarily well yet games like Eternal Darkness don't, i would much prefer that they both sell well.
im not decrying sports games, i dont personally like them that much, but when a franchise like madden sells, and continue to sells regardless of how little or how much they have changed it from the previous version, and inovative, unique and different games fail to sell much at all is a little troubleing to say the least.

The OmenSeptember 03, 2003

My problem is people make sports game fanatics out to be the reason for, as you said, Madden doing better than Eternal Darkness. But i'd say thats untrue. I have 3 sports games and 12 other games, including ED. ED didnt do as well as it should have, no doubt, but thats because people in general didnt buy it, not because Madden sells well. Its not an either or. I'd love for every good game to sell well, but people have different tastes, and what we think is great, invariably someone else thinks its sh!T. Way of the world.

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