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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Sites Live

by Steven Rodriguez - July 11, 2003, 10:48 am EDT
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Square-Enix has opened its FF site, and Nintendo has opened its FF site. How nice of them!

Crystal Chronicles is due out in Japan in less than a month now, so Nintendo and Square-Enix have taken it upon themselves to open up game pages on their respective sites.

Square-Enix has launched the game's official site. Those hoping to catch a garbled translation of the information on the site will be out of luck, because it's all done in Flash. Even though people with no Japanese skills whatsoever won't be able to read what's there, you can still view the new screens and movies available on the site.

Nintendo has gone with the more practical route and has cleared up a few things on its FF:CC game page. Most importantly, Nintendo is confirming that it's not required to use a Game Boy Advance to play the game in single player. Rather, you can use a standard GameCube controller to control your character on-screen, but you'll lose all the GBA info you'd normally get from the game, unless you hook one up in another controller port. You'll still be required use the portable if you want to play with two or more people.

Crystal Chronicles makes its North American appearance toward the end of the year.

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