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Sega Development Teams Reorganizing

by Steven Rodriguez - July 9, 2003, 4:22 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Bloomberg Japan

Nine minus four plus two equals seven. Sega hopes this is the winning forumla for making more games.

Lately, Sega has been looking for others to bail itself out of the financial mess it has got itself into. However, a report out of Bloomberg's Japanese website is stating that its nine development studios will soon be in the middle of a reorganization, a sign that Sega is taking action to right the ship itself.

In October of this year, four of the developers under the Sega wing will be disbanded, while two new ones will be created. The company hopes that this move will help them create more blockbuster-type games more effciently, something they have been struggling to do as of late.

No specifics as to which studios are going to be closed, or if any jobs will be lost, but when we get new info about this big shake up at Sega, we'll let you know about them.


PlugabugzJuly 09, 2003

If Amusement Vision go, then something is seriously wrong in the minds of Sega.
Equally as much with Sonic Team.

BlkPaladinJuly 09, 2003

It will probally be some of the other studios that have overlapping genre etc.

DjunknownJuly 09, 2003

Its good to know that Sega is helping Sega out, though that possible Namco merger....well never mind, its in the past.

I doubt teams such as Amusment Vision and Sonic Team are going under, they've been bringing home the sushi. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Smileabit (The minds behind Jet Set Radio future and Panzer Dragoon Orta I believe) went under, which would suck since those were 2 good reasons to own and XboX and they had poor sales (Again I'm assuming Orta bombed so don't quote me on this one.) Visual Concepts (The ones behind the NBA NFL NHL 2k series) have more or less fused with ESPN recently, so that won't be going away anytime soon (Though for GC it doesn't matter since they dropped support anyway!)

Sega hasn't made too many good business descisions, but this one is a step in the right direction. I want my Shenmue 3 and 4 before I'm 30 dammit!

GamefreakJuly 09, 2003

They will probably close that arcade division, and the lesser known ones like Hitmaker....Amusement Vision will most likely stay, since Monkey Ball has been bringing home the gold and F-Zero will sell very well...Sonic isn't going anywhere since they are like Sega's core team historically along with AM-2.......

ThePermJuly 09, 2003

yea smilebit and hitmaker will prolly be dissolved while Am2, Sonic Team, Overworks, and AV become larger.

im probably thinkign that since peopel cant come up with the names wow entertainment, sega rosso, united game artists, and wave master they might be on the cuttign room floor(phrase reminds me of ed).

Uncle Rich AiAiJuly 10, 2003

I'm also thinking Wow Entertainment, Sega Rosso, United Game Artists will get the axe.

Not sure about Smilebit.

Don't think it will be Wave Master as they are Sega's music division.

PIACJuly 10, 2003

aslong as they dont take overworks away from me, atleast untill i can get a sequel to skies of arcadia!

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