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Mega Man Animated Series Premieres This Month

by Steven Rodriguez - April 30, 2003, 10:12 pm EDT
Total comments: 18 Source: Kids' WB

Seemingly out of the blue (pun), Kids WB prepares for the launch of a new cartoon series, starring the Blue Bomber himself.

The latest Capcom newsletter came with the mention of Mega Man getting his own Saturday morning cartoon series on the WB Network. Sure enough, Capcom and Warner Bros. slipped this rather major TV series right under our noses!

The series is called MegaMan: NT Warrior, and judging from the series webpage, it's based on the MegaMan.EXE universe. MegaMan, Lan, Roll, Dex, Gutsman and more are shown on the site, which leads to believe they'll be in the show as well.

The website is lacking any other useful information (including what specific Saturday the series will premiere on), but it is coming this month, most likely the weekend following E3.


BlkPaladinMay 01, 2003

This is more than likely the anime that has been out awhile in Japan, I have been watching the series which is pretty good, but does have a different take on the story lines.

PaperAceChaseMay 01, 2003

The anime has been airing in Japan for over a year now and has already ended with 56 episodes... the anime was picked up by ShoPro Entertainment months ago and they've been airing commercials on Kids WB for weeks now. To sum it up, this is pretty old news. Nonetheless, it's a VERY GOOD anime, which will probably boost MegaMan's much-needed popularity in the states.

SargusMay 01, 2003

I've already seen a few episodes of Rockman EXE subbed from Japan. I heard that the show was coming to the US a few weeks ago. I can't wait to watch it face-icon-small-smile.gif

BlkPaladinMay 01, 2003

Well its new news for a person who watches little TV these days. I guess I'm going have to dust off my VCR, since I usally at work Sat. Morning. When is the premiere par say. I went to the site and check the days out and came up with zip.

RahXephonMay 01, 2003

this is one of my top 5 favorite animes.
Meiru-chan and Roll-chan are so cuuttttttteeeeeeeeeeee.
Plus, rockman.exe if really cool. I love this show, and am so happy american audiences get to see it, but i would have rather it been on cartoon network.

couchmonkeyMay 01, 2003

I'll definitely check it out, but pardon me if I'm a little skeptical. Earthworm Jim and possibly Monster Rancher are the only game-based cartoons that I consider any good.

reyontoyenyMay 01, 2003

Wait? Which came first with Earthworm Jim? The Series or the Videogame?

I stopped watching KidsWb since they got rid of Batman.

BlkPaladinMay 01, 2003

The show is good, if you want I could send you an episode, that is if your mail storage can handle it. (I have the first 30 episode and I'm dl'ing the rest.

BlkPaladinMay 01, 2003

Just remember its not salable etc. And erase it if you don't like it, if you like you have to watch it on TV.

DjunknownMay 01, 2003

I can't believe its almost 9 years since MegaMan first aired in the states (It was on Sunday Mornings in my area) and looks like lightning may strike twice...

It'd nice if a studio did an Anime based on the 'X' series and maybe an OAV on the 'Zero' series. Until then,guess I'll have to keep my head in the clouds...

PaperAceChaseMay 01, 2003

Wow. Believe me; erase any visions of that crap the MegaMan cartoon may have put in your head, because the Rockman.EXE anime, or rather MegaMan NT Warrior, is one of the best animes I have ever seen. The animation is superb (just as good, if not better, as the games' production artwork), the music is great and fits every mood, and the story is filled with humor, action, and surprises. It's by far the best MegaMan cartoon ever developed (and it's about time). And since we're on the subject of blue heroes and sudden promotion, Sonic's new anime called Sonic X has been airing in Japan recently (since April) and it's just like the new MegaMan cartoon: great and superior when compared to the crappy US products we have. Either way, you'll definitely be missing out if you, well, miss out on these two great animes.

Aussie Ben PGCBen Kosmina, Staff AlumnusMay 01, 2003

Rockman EXE is REALLY GOOD. How good? It convinced me to buy the games. Before I saw the anime, I swore that I wouldn't touch a Battle Network title. Now I want Rockman.EXE Transmission. So, puragu-in your courage and let it fly, and all that.


JoeyMay 02, 2003


Wait? Which came first with Earthworm Jim? The Series or the Videogame?

The game came first.

SonicTheRabbitMay 02, 2003

***Air date new***

WB has 2 different MB:NT Warrior commercials circling around (Looks the same, kinda) but one is longer than the other by a few seconds and the longer one shows the air date of the first episode, Which is May 17. So be up bright and early if your gonna see it, I know I am.

BlkPaladinMay 02, 2003

Good a date. face-icon-small-smile.gif Now to find that tape.... (I have long ago switch over to DVD so I may end up buying a new tape. (I don't usally watch TV. I find it pointless.)

Locke ColeMay 03, 2003

I'll be happy with this anime as long as it isn't as bad as Kirby.....

PIACMay 04, 2003

there was a kirby tvshow? face-icon-small-shocked.gif

KulockMay 05, 2003

"is," PIAC, it's another dubbed anime, it airs on Fox on Saturday mornings. (The "Fox Box" I think it's called.) I've heard it's pretty flat and uninteresting.

I've been watching Sonic X episodes as they're released onto the net (the fifth one was just released the other day), though, it's very good so far. The first, third, and fifth episodes were all great, and the second one wasn't too bad, either. (The fourth, unfortunately, was very uninteresting and just kind of filler.) It's a good trend, it should be a series to watch for once you can see it.

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