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E3 2003 Floor Plan Revealed

by Jonathan Metts - April 30, 2003, 8:28 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: E3 Expo Website

Guess which company has the biggest booth?

The Electronics Entertainment Expo has released its floorplan for this year's show. Once again, Nintendo has the largest booth of the show, a title it has held for several years.

Nintendo's booth is always a sight to behold. There are usually gigantic sculptures of Mario, Link, Pokemon, etc. right in the middle, with game cabinets set up around the perimeter and in clusters throughout whatever room is left. The rear area is reserved for corporate meeting rooms.

For the past two years, Nintendo has held extremely popular contests in its booth, attracting thousands of showgoers. Lines can often be seen stretching out from Nintendo's booth into other companies' areas.


DavideoApril 30, 2003

Is there any way to see where Infinium labs booth is? I can't read half of the booths, and I was curious how big theirs was. I'd really like to see the phantom bomb, but I'm also curious to see how well it gets received.

DevilishDudeApril 30, 2003

if you bring your mouse down to the coner of the picture, there should be an enlarge button that comes up, well, at least on my browser.

OniLinkApril 30, 2003

Sony's booth is virtually the same size as Nintendo's...hopefully the Big N will have the goods to fill their entire booth space.

Grey NinjaApril 30, 2003

Hehe... I was chortling pretty good when I saw MS's booth.

Ian SaneApril 30, 2003

Sony and Nintendo right next to each other? Must be fun to weed your way through that crowd.

"Out of way. Dammit I just want to see SNK's booth."

JoshumsApril 30, 2003

Go Kentia Hall!

PatchApril 30, 2003

Man, something always bothers me about Nintendo's floor space - Sure, they take up the largest area, but instead of filling it with ultimately pointless statuettes, cars and enormous Nintendoesque logos, why don't they fill it with more gaming booths instead?

More games on display, or a well-used statue of Pikachu? I know which one I'd prefer.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusApril 30, 2003

Well quite frankly, (at least last year) Nintendo's booth was far more packed with gaming stations than anyone else. Sony, for instance, had a lot of open space between kiosks. Other places had cars parked or skate ramps, etc.

BlkPaladinApril 30, 2003

I would have to agree when I went Sony's was the same size but they had less in it. Nintendo usally had the place pack with booths and it not like they just put statues on the ground on a petastal they are usally on top of displays or open gaming stations that are in the middle. They are also one of the few booths that showed POP material that you can get to help sell the items they are pushing.

(PS could on of the Planetgamecube people find it in their time to pick some of that information up, I couldn't go this year because of other engagments I will pay for the mailing them to me via paypal before hand.)

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