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SNK Returns to North America

by Steven Rodriguez - April 28, 2003, 9:12 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Game Daily

On top of that, they've already been licensed by Nintendo to make GBA games!

When SNK closed up its American divison three years ago, everyone in the videogame community was saddened. SNK's home division bit the dust, while the entire Japanese company was to be eaten up by Playmore, who now owns all SNK properties.

Three years later, Game Daily runs an interview with Ben Herman, the new head of Playmore's new American division, SNK NEOGEO USA Consumer Corp. Yes ladies and gentlemen, SNK is back in the United States!

Here's a small piece from GD's feature:

SNK NEOGEO USA Consumer has already been licensed by Nintendo to deliver Game Boy Advance games. PlayStation 2, PS one, GameCube and Xbox licensing deals are also being conjsidered. "Whether it's the current generation (of consoles) that we develop for, or its new platforms in 2004 or 2005, we are going to develop for them," said Herman. "We make games in Japan for PS2, and we plan to convert them—and make others—for play here in the states."

Time for all you Neo-Geo lovers to get excited, because SNK will be at E3 showing off Metal Slug Advance and King of Fighters 2001, along with the first footage of SNK vs. Capcom Chaos.

For the rest of the excellent Game Daily article, do pay them a visit.


KnoxxvilleApril 28, 2003

....THERE IS A GOD.....a God who wasn't going to let the great name of SNK go quietly into the night. This is great news! I for one can't wait to see games on store shelves with the big, bright blue "SNK" emblazoned boldly across the front of the box. LONG LIVE SNK!

BlkPaladinApril 28, 2003

I guess a friend of mine will be happy to hear this. I do like metal slug and a few other of SNK's franchises, here's to hopeing Playmore doesn't goof anything up.

PIACApril 28, 2003

snk make metal slug? face-icon-small-blush.gif omg i want that on gamecube!

NintegaApril 28, 2003

Now this is what I'm talking about. I'm glad SNK is back and hopefully, back for good. I love the NeoGeo. One of my favorite systems that I play almost daily. Favorite games : Samurai Shodown 2 and Magical Drop.

KnoxxvilleApril 28, 2003

The best news by far is the comeback of Baseball Stars! I can't count how many weekends my buds and I in High School spent all day and night racing for the pennant on the NES. But they gotta do it right! Online play is a must, and the most comprehensive create-a-team mode to ever grace a baseball game. Bascially, take everything thing about the NES game that was good (namely gameplay) and put it into 128-bit clothes. I.....CAN'T........WAIT!!

DjunknownApril 29, 2003

*Salivates wildy* ewwww...

Well. no news like good news hmm? Maybe a new King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown in the foreseeable future? Gotta love that metal slug too...

Now if Mai could only be the poster girl *salivates even more* face-icon-small-wink.gif

Locke ColeApril 29, 2003

Here's a idea for SNK, make a Metal Slug for the GBA. The graphics won't look dated beacause its the best the GBA can do, and it will look awesome with my GBA SP. face-icon-small-smile.gif

NintegaApril 29, 2003

They are making a Metal Slug for the GBA. And Samurai Shodown 5 was announced awhile ago.

EdisimMay 01, 2003

I think Metal Slug Advanced was announced months, or maybe even over a year ago... can't remember where I read it though... here, or ign, or possibly gamepro.. anyway, it's great to hear they're making a comeback. SNK was cool. To be able to play the actual arcade games on your home system with no graphical or audio sacrifices, and on joysticks with the same layout and components... heaven. and I think they had some sort of card that you could use to transfer data (or something) between the arcade machines and your home machines.. not too sure about that one though.

EdisimMay 01, 2003

I just read the whole article at gamedaily.com. Check out the last sentence of this paragraph...


SNK is setting up shop at this year's E3 in the West Hall, booth # 3008 and will have playable (Japanese) versions of Metal Slug Advance and King of Fighters 2001. It will also be showing video footage of SNK vs Capcom. "We have not released any games in the U.S. since King of Fighters '99," explained Herman. "I've got a backlog of games from 2000, 2001 and 2002. Down the road we will have Samurai Showdown coming and a Metal Slug 3D game will also come out eventually."

Metal Slug 3D?!
...God, I hope that won't suck. Action games like metal slug just work better in 2D. *prays*
though it might be cool to see the slugs (vehicles) in 3d.

SaTsuJiNMay 10, 2003

Well I suppose this good news.. that and if they dropped that korean developer who screwed up the KoF 2k series *almost vomits*
KoF 97 forever! and realbout special too!

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