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Nintendo Announces Three Square Games

by Steven Rodriguez - April 24, 2003, 12:22 pm EDT
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Crystal Chronicles, Tactics Advance, and Sword of Mana are coming this year. Are we sure this isn't 1987?

Final Fantasy Becomes Reality on Nintendo Consoles

Highly Regarded Role-Playing and Strategy Titles Feature Stunning Graphics, Dual-System Game Play

REDMOND, Wash., April 24, 2003 – Nintendo of America Inc. and Square Enix Co., Ltd. today announced three new titles in the incomparable FINAL FANTASY and MANA game series will be published and distributed by Nintendo of America Inc. for exclusive play on Nintendo platforms. Developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd., the three titles, FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES™, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS™ ADVANCE and SWORD of MANA™ are each scheduled to launch in North America this year, followed by European launches shortly thereafter.

Building on the hugely successful role-playing series, FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, an exclusive title for Nintendo GameCube™, not only features stunning graphical worlds, but also extends game play to the companion Game Boy® Advance. An innovative interface allows up to four players to use a Game Boy Advance system as a controller, receiving private information on their screens. This never-seen-before level of enhanced game play extends connectivity by encouraging players to communicate directly with party members, solve puzzles, cast magic and negotiate deals.

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE, the first FINAL FANTASY game to launch on Game Boy Advance, is a proven bestseller in Japan selling nearly 500,000 copies in less than two months. The game features entirely new characters, stories and game systems. Endlessly challenging and varied as the game is, players also can join friends in tactical battles using the Game Boy Advance Game Link® cable.

SWORD of MANA – an action role-playing game with its roots deep in the time-honored craft of 2-D – also is coming to Game Boy Advance. Boasting a huge game environment, the story will alter depending on the character and course the player chooses to follow.

“Together with the millions of FINAL FANTASY and MANA fans around the world, we are excited about the release of these three titles in North America and Europe,” said Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix Co., Ltd. “Not only do these titles offer a unique gaming experience, but they will cultivate a new and broader audience for both Square Enix and Nintendo around the world.”

“The FINAL FANTASY franchise is one of the most renowned and revered series in interactive entertainment,” says Peter MacDougall, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. “The wide range of innovations found in each of these games will attract both Nintendo fans and critics, continuing to cement our commitment to provide only the most forward-thinking products to consumers.”

Scheduled for release in Japan later this year, Nintendo Co., Ltd. will publish FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES. All three games will be on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), May 14 to 16.


RobageejamminApril 24, 2003

Q]FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE, the first FINAL FANTASY game to launch on Game Boy Advance, is a proven bestseller in Japan selling nearly 500,000 copies in less than two months.

the first FF game to launch for the GBA?


kawApril 24, 2003

Good news for GBA RPG fans. I'm still hoping someday Square will release Final Fantasy 1-6 for GBA.

couchmonkeyApril 24, 2003

Ooh, ooh! ... Wait a minute ... this isn't news at all! We already knew Square was working on two Gameboy games and one GameCube game. In fact the only thing here I didn't know was that the second GBA game was part of the Mana series. Oh well, still a nice reminder that we're getting something from Square.

rpgloverApril 24, 2003

my question is how are they going to release them all this year???? in america even..........
hopefully it happens- it looks like e3 will be another great year for nintendo

ExopuppyApril 24, 2003

This absolutely IS news, and frickin' wonderful news at that. Previously, these games were only announced for Japan. And had been for quite some time, so I was getting pretty pessimistic about the chances they would ever make it to North America. However, now Square and Nintendo have promised that I will get to play the number 1/2/3 most wanted games on my list. WOO-FREAKIN-HOO!!! face-icon-small-happy.gifface-icon-small-happy.gifface-icon-small-happy.gif

kennyb27April 24, 2003

I'm really starting to catch the craze for CC, hopefully it delivers on all fronts.

DjunknownApril 24, 2003

As mentioned earlier, its old news brought to new light. This is to show Square still got what it takes to make an epic adventure. *salivates until then* ewwww....face-icon-small-wink.gif

the_wenzelApril 24, 2003

you're right couchmonkey, this has all been said before... why didn't nintendo, say that the GBA mana game is a remake of the old gameboy game FF adventure (the first seiken densetsu game)??? cuz... that's what it is...

Ian SaneApril 25, 2003

"why didn't nintendo, say that the GBA mana game is a remake of the old gameboy game FF adventure (the first seiken densetsu game)??? cuz... that's what it is..."

Probably the same reason they never mentioned that Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland is a remake of Kirby's Adventure or why they promote all of their SNES ports like they're brand new games. It's also probably the same reason that they never mention that Pokemon Crystal is the same game as Gold/Silver. And that reason is... I'm not sure. I imagine it has something to do with tricking stupid people into paying full price for games they can find used for like 10 bucks. Of course knowing how stunned some of the people at NOA are it's possible the person who wrote the press release doesn't know it's a remake.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusApril 25, 2003

Well, Sword of Mana does seem to have a lot more to it than just being a color remake. This stuff with alternate storylines really intrigues me. I lost the original game years ago, and I wouldn't mind picking up a fresh, revamped version of the same story. Here's to hoping they retain some of the original tunes.

Illini4April 28, 2003

Does anyone here know what "Final Fantasy" brings to the table? Gamecube will fly into second place way past Xbox once FF:CC is released (world wide sales). Remember Sega Saturn? Yeah, neither does anyone else. It was beating out PSone in Japan (easily) until Square said FF was going to PSone. BOOM! PSone sales blow up, Saturn dies (with Sega soon to follow) and N64 has an uphill battle, and it hasn't even been released! Yes I know FF:CC isn't part of the regular FF series, but people are still very excited about it. IGN had a poll asking which FF game you are most looking forward to this coming year, and FF:CC was first and FFX-2 was a distant second. Considering the current user base for potential FFX-2 buyers is eight times larger than that of FF:CC, that is an amazing statistic! I think we all need to realize that yet again GCN Nintendo is getting a system seller, but this time it isn't from Nintendo. This is what GCN and any other Nintendo system to come needs. I am 100% certain that FF:CC will be the turning point everyone keeps saying Nintendo needs. In fact if FF:CC doesn't push GCN significantly past Xbox in worldwide sales within its first few months of release, then I will forever shut up and never ever open my mouth in a gaming forum ever again. But just you all watch, FF:CC will be that 3rd party gem. FF:CC will not be as good as Zelda:WW. It is impossible. It will be very hard for a fantasy type game to beat out Zelda:WW. But that isn't what GCN needs right now. Hell, we have all the quality software a person can handle. But Nintendo is a business and they need something to sell very well, and bring in new blood. RPG gamers are little in number, but still very strong, and willing to buy a system just for one game, because what true Final Fantasy fan can pass up on a game in the franchise. (Not me :-( I am a sad owner of a PS2, and own one game, FFX. I hang my head in shame.) PS2 has me in their "user base" because of one game. FF:CC WILL increase GCN's userbase easily past Xbox.

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