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Climax Working on GameCube FPS

by Jonathan Metts - April 24, 2003, 7:21 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Climax Website

The British developer is working on a "AAA" first-person shooter for GameCube...and if you live in England, you may be able to test it.

Climax has posted a message on their website's main page asking for people to come playtest a secret GameCube shooter.

Do you want to be one of the first people to play a brand new AAA first person shooter for the Nintendo Game Cube, created by Europe's biggest independent developer?

No further information is given as to what the game may be. Climax is perhaps best known for its racing games, including Moto GP, Rally Fusion, and ATV Quad Power Racing. They are currently developing Sudeki for Xbox, plus a few titles for Acclaim.

If you live in the UK and are interested in testing this new GameCube FPS for Climax, hit the link above for more information.


couchmonkeyApril 24, 2003

Hopefully this game will really stand out, because the Cube could really use an exclusive FPS. I wonder if Nintendo is involved at all? It's not like a deveoper to make anything but Rugrats exclusively for GameCube.

GamefreakApril 24, 2003

AAA? Climax?
Um ok if you say so....
But it does seem to be exclusive so whatever....It's no Perfect Dark Zero...and hey it just might be sort of okay...

BrianSLAApril 24, 2003

...... And it won't sell many units. When Metroid doesn't sell ....... this won't either.

Michael8983April 24, 2003

"When Metroid doesn't sell ....... this won't either."

Metroid sold. Last I heard, it sold over 800,000 units. It also caused a notable increase in GCN sales in November. The GCN actually sold on par with the XBox that month.
In December, things took a turn for the worse though.

BrianSLAApril 25, 2003

>> Metroid sold <<

Yes it did and it totaled 800,000 units. Total. And IF Metroid with it's stellar reviews / GOTY talk / megahype and great advertising / ad budget..... sold only 800,000 units. Before Metroid came out I told everyone here that Splinter Cell would probably outsell it. Everyone here 100% disagreed.... I was right they were wrong. FPS games don't sell on GC. They just don't..... it isn't your market / audience. This game will come out and will sell ho-hum....... AND that is IF it is a great outstanding FPS. If, as chances are, it is ho-hum or bad..... it sinks faster than the Titanic.

The OmenApril 26, 2003

blah blah blah

mouse_clickerApril 26, 2003

MP's at over a million worldwide. And Brian- 800,000 units sold is more than 95% of 3rd-parties could ever dream of. Pretty good for more of a cult game that was hasn't seen the light of day in 8 years.

mouse_clickerApril 26, 2003

And maybe it didn't seel as well as YOU thought it should have because it WASN'T a first person shooter. A lot of people who went into the game expecting Doom or Half Life got something very different and didn't like it.

MingesiumApril 26, 2003

I've heard that the game is an exclusive version of Serious Sam. I think that the publisher is Rock Star.

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