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NOA Launches Official E3 2K3 Site

by Ty Shughart - April 23, 2003, 4:27 am EDT
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Spill the beans!

Nintendo of America has launched their E3 2K3 site - check in for details on F-ZERO, Mario Kart Double Dash, Pikmin 2, Advance Wars 2, Kirby Air Ride and Wario World, and stay tuned for the late-breaking stuff.


razorpitApril 23, 2003

Cool, LAN play is official! Does that mean we'll also get the new "official" LCD at E3 as well? I hope so, The Cube is easy to pack up and bring over a buddies house. Having to move an extra TV in to the room sucks.


Ian SaneApril 23, 2003

I hope this isn't like last year's E3 where everything new was revealed beforehand (though that brochure probably wasn't supposed to be revealed early) which resulted in a lack of surprises. If Mario Kart and Pikmin 2 are Nintendo's big titles for this year's show they shouldn't be showing them off now.

bonestormerApril 23, 2003

Umm, I think Pikmin 2 and Mario Kart ARE going to be Nintendo's 'big' games this year.

An interesting thing on that E3 site from Nintendo:


In addition to Nintendo's own first-party titles, Nintendo's booth at the annual trade show will feature more than 35 additional titles from companies licensed to produce games for Nintendo GameCube.

I don't recall Nintendo having that many 3rd party games at their both before... This E3 (and this fall) it seems more and more likely that Nintendo plans to really push 'big' 3rd party games that are on GC (along side Pikmin and Mario Kart). I'd be surprised if Nintendo had any big surprise game for this year. They don't want to overshadow 3rd parties like they often do. Might be a good move to get 3rd parties fully behind GC instead of Disney games and crap ports for once.

BlkPaladinApril 23, 2003

Nintendo has had quiet a few 3rd party working on games, it just not all games do materialize. But 35 third party games isn't that many, for E3 it is but if that all (which it isn't) that will be released in the next year it is. Also remember that not all developers can afford to have a booth at the convention, and everthing cannot be show in the limited time and space they are given. So what's coming out right now is the title we basically knew were coming out..

But yes I hope they don't spoil the surprises like the mystery Eternal Darkness title, though it may not surprise us at all.

KulockApril 25, 2003

Hm, the site's updated again today, just like someone in another thread said it would... so maybe there really will be a major Nintendo announcement on Monday...

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