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Capcom Declares Losses, Cans Games

by Steven Rodriguez - April 22, 2003, 11:07 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Bloomberg Japan

18 games across various systems are no longer, as a result of lower-than-expected sales.

Bloomberg's Japanese site recently revealed that Capcom has been taking a financial hit as of late, and as a result the company has cancelled 18 of the approximately 100 titles it has been working on at the time. While the specfic titles cancelled weren't revealed, it is known that the five Production Studio 4 games that Capcom had announced for the GameCube (including Resident Evil 4) are still in the works.

Capcom was expecting to lose around $106 million (¥12.7 billion) for its 2002 fiscal year, but wound up taking a loss of around $60 million more, or $163 million. Titles that Capcom expected to sell well, including Biohazard 0 for GameCube, and the PS2's Run Like Hell 2 and Clock Tower 3, wound up selling below expectations. Not surprisingly, Capcom stocks were down 15% soon after the announcement.

Capcom has still not announced its lineup for E3. However, once the word gets out about what they've got planned for the big show, we'll be the first to tell you.


StRaNgEApril 22, 2003

run like hell 2?

don't ya mean devil may cry 2 ?

GharakhApril 23, 2003

i think there was a run like hell as well...

i dont get why capcom doesnt understand why their games aren't selling well.. i mean i love capcom and their games, but they need to have some original stuff. how can they expect all the RE games to sell stellarly (is that a word? lol) when they all have very similar gameplay. i'm guessing that the original games that are coming soon such as killer 7, etc. will sell better than the RE series because they are original. i think this is what capcom needs to focus more on.

ikekrullApril 23, 2003

Run Like Hell was made by interplay...and it was a mediocre attempt at survivor horror.

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