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This Week's Famitsu Update

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - April 11, 2003, 8:59 am EDT
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Now with Orange Pocky!

In the latest issue, Famitsu reported that Nintendo will publish RUNE II, which is developed by From Software. The game will be released on May 23 in Japan.

As reported 2 weeks ago, the limited edition of the orange GBA will be available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan on April 25 at the price of 12,500 yen (around $100 US dollars). Reservations both online and at the store front start today.

On the Top 30 list, Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart (GBA) pops in at second place behind Dai Niji Super Robot Taisen Alpha (PS2). Soul Calibur II for PS2 lands at fifth place while the GC version comes in at the seventh spot. Made in Wario slides from second place to sixth place. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire drops three places and holds on to eighth place. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (GBA) also slips three spots to the ninth spot.

No GC games were reviewed this week. Zoid Saga II (GBA) received 28 (7,7,7,7). Reviewers all agreed that customizing the Zoids with parts and weapons are fun. Some negative comments include a dragging story mode and the lack of surprises.

Boku Jyoh Monogatari (known as Harvest Moon outside Japan) receives a gold mark (8,8,8,8). Reviewers commented that the game stayed true to the series. Like its predecessors, the game lets you manage a farm with crops and animals. Unlike other versions, the game contains much more events. However, the lack of clear goals and complicated control may be difficult for beginners.


EvilmanmanApril 12, 2003

mmmmmm pocky

Illini4April 12, 2003

Did anyone notice that the PS2 version of SCII came in 5th, and the GCN came in 7th? Wow, that is awesome. Think about it, how much larger is the PS2 user base? A LOT! Yet the GCN version of the same game (But with an amazing exclusive character) game in two places behind! THAT IS A GOOD THING! These are the types of battles that Nintendo needs to pay attention to. By just simply saying "Yes Namco, you can put Link in your fighting game for our system" made that game a huge hit! I am interested on how well SCII would have sold without Link, I know I would not have any feelings to buy it. I am not very interested in those types of games, but now that a character (one of the best ever) is in it, hell yeah i am buying it! I know Nintendo has noticed this, and I can't wait to see what future things they come up with 3rd party developers. Don't forget, Namco is the company that is making the next Star Fox game. SCII and Star Fox will be pretty good sales for them. Maybe we will get many more fun Namco games. Xeno Saga: IIanyone????????

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