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Famitsu Scores Ahoy!

by Zosha Arushan - April 3, 2003, 10:04 pm EST
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According to Famitsu, the GBA SP and GB Player sold approximately 98 000 units and 100 000 units apiece from March 17th to the 23rd.

Here's a partial list of the Famitsu Top 30 during that timespan:

1) FF X-2 (PS2)

2) Made in Wario (new)

3) Arc the Lad (PS2)

4 Jissen Pachisuro hissyou hou! Salary Man Kintaro (PS2)

5) Yugioh Duel Monsters 8 (GBA) (new)

6) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

7) Shin Kankoku Musou 3

8) Pokemon - Ruby / Sapphire

Other titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics dropped to 14th place from 9th the previous week, Metroid Fusion sunk to 23rd (from 12th), Rockman EXE Transmission slides to 20th (from 14th) and Hikaru no Go 3 pops into the charts at number 25.

Reviews wise, Dokapon DX for GameCube scored 7,7,7,7, making for a total of 28/40.

The big release this week was the NARUTO fighting game for GameCube which received 8,8,8,7 (31/40) which qualifies it for the Famitsu Silver award. The reviewers said that though it has simple controls it stays true to the manga and won't disappoint fans. Unfortunately, the game was docked marks for its weak Story Mode and the fact it did not have a larger roster of characters.


Grey NinjaApril 03, 2003

Here's hoping that Naruto will come to North America....

But I have to ask about the Naruto game being reviewed here. Is it the GBA, PSX, or GCN version that was reviewed? I have had my eye on this game for a while, and I think it might make a nice addition to my collection at some point, even if it doesn't make it to North America.

unkybunkyApril 03, 2003

Dokapon DX for GameCube scored 7,7,7,7, making for a total of 24/40.

Uh....7,7,7,7 makes 28.

MingesiumApril 03, 2003

6 is not wind waker. it is LTTP.

Famitsu hardware sales

Famitsu software sales

aoi tsukiApril 04, 2003

It was the Cube version. If i remember correctly, the Wonderswan (or was it GBA?) version got a 24/40. As a fan of the anime, i'll be picking this one up.

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