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P.N. 03 Movies

by Billy Berghammer - March 31, 2003, 1:28 am EST
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Nobody shakes her booty like Vanessa Schneider.

We recently got our

copy of P.N. 03 from Video

Game Depot, and ripped a few direct feed movies for you.  Check out

Vanessa laying waste to the first level, and then witness Billy getting killed

because he was more absorbed by Vanessa's sweet rump.

*You will need Windows

Media Player to view the Windows Media Files.

P.N. 03

Windows Media:

Movie 1

(9.2MB Windows Media File)

Movie 2

(7.7MB Windows Media File)

Movie 3

(6.8MB Windows Media File)

Movie 4

(7.4MB Windows Media File)

Movie 5

(4.9MB Windows Media File)



Movie 1

(22.6MB MPEG)

Movie 2

(18.1MB MPEG)

Movie 3

(16.1MB MPEG)

Movie 4

(17.4MB MPEG)

Movie 5

(11.7MB MPEG)


paytonthetankMarch 31, 2003

Thank you very much for including mpeg verisons of the files. I am sure I am not the only one on a non-windows operating system, so the mpeg files are very nice.

Thanks again.

DavideoMarch 31, 2003

They should have never taken away her guns.

DryadApril 01, 2003

For some reason the game reminds me of that old PS game "One". You know, the one with the crazy soldier of the future.

KimchiApril 02, 2003

Awww.. with all the reviews saying she was "shaking her butt to the beat" I expected it to be true. Sure, she shakes her butt, but it's not even remotely on the beat. Only in a few parts of the cut scenes does she bob her head actually on the beat.

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