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Enter the Matrix Game Trailer Online

by Steven Rodriguez - March 29, 2003, 12:27 pm EST
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Enter the news story to enter the link, then enter the sweet trailer.

After watching this trailer, it appears that the Enter the Matrix game is going to be pushed as hard as the two movies due out this summer and fall.

Using bits of story from the Animatrix movies (such as The Final Flight of the Osirus), and the paralleling the Matrix Reloaded, the trailer claims that what you do in the game will affect the plot of the movies. Whatever that means exactly is a mystery.

The games are due out on May 15, the same weekend of the opening of the Matrix Reloaded. The trailer site can be found here, and the official game site is right here.


rodeoclownMarch 31, 2003

Just FYI:

The music in the trailer is a track called "Go" by UK DJ Andy Hunter.

also- I think by saying the game interacts with the movies plot, it means that what happens in the movie has a background in what occurs in the game, there is no true interaction, rather the plots cross-over/co-exist.

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