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Splinter Cell Moved UP

by Jonathan Metts - March 26, 2003, 1:50 pm EST
Total comments: 3 Source: Ubi Soft

Ubi Soft's tactical espionage game is releasing a month earlier than expected.

Today Ubi Soft announced that Splinter Cell for GameCube has been moved up from its original May release date. The game will now be released April 8, along with the PS2 version. That's in two weeks! The GBA version, which links up to the GameCube version for several connectivity features and modes, will be out April 24. (These are all North American dates.)

We'll have much more on Splinter Cell very soon. Look for new screenshots later today.


BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusMarch 26, 2003

You gotta be kidding me. They moved both Burnout 2 and Splinter Cell up to the same day. Just when I was getting my credit cards paid off too...

Ian SaneMarch 26, 2003

F*ck yeah!! It's about time a game got completed ahead of schedule instead of delayed. It would be great if Nintendo did this with the GB Player. Hint hint.

I hope that the game is actually finished and isn't just being rushed ahead of schedule for a simultaneous release. I'll wait a month if necessary.

bubba23March 26, 2003

Wow! I wish I have a larger bank account. With Zelda: TWW, The Sims, Rayman 3, Splinter Cell, Def Jam Vendetta, Burnout 2, NBA Street 2 and Ikaruga being released in the months March and April, the Gamecube is really holding its own. Time to warm up my Wavebird.

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