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Nook Delivers the Goods

by Ben Kosmina - March 20, 2003, 1:51 am EST
Total comments: 8 Source: Animal Crossing Home Page

Do you see? Because Tom Nook owns a store...and...oh, forget it.

The Animal Crossing code hunts are back! This time, it's Tom Nook giving away the goodies, with a little help from his friend (and blatant sponsor) Nintendo Power. While this code doesn't give you a NES game, it gives you something just as cool - here's how to get it.

Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com and click on PLAY near the top of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the PLAY section and click on the banner that has a picture of the Nookmeister and says "Know the Code? Get the Goods!" A new window will pop up with a code for you to enter.

Simply enter this code at Tom Nook's store and he'll say that your item has arrived from Nintendo Power. Open your present and plunk this item in your house, because it's a really nice addition to your home. Don't forget that you can play with it by pressing the A Button while you're in front of it!


BranDonk KongMarch 20, 2003

It's a Starman. Yay.

ATimsonMarch 20, 2003

This code was already available here on Nintendo's site, along with the second Nintendo Power code. Presumably, the March one should show up on their site relatively soon.

MojoMarch 20, 2003

I unlocked Starman like 2 months ago... and why would you not reveal what the item was in the news post? That's just plain annoying.

mouse_clickerMarch 20, 2003

A Starman from Mario or a Starman from Earthbound?

ATimsonMarch 20, 2003


ChipheadMarch 24, 2003

I knew about the code, but I didn't know anything would happen if you go up to it and press A. That's, like, the best non-NES furniture ever.

Chris150March 24, 2003

Did you try pressing A in front of the cannon? I love doing that.

ATimsonMarch 26, 2003

The warp pipe's action kinda sucks, though, in comparison to the others.

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