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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Soundtracks Planned

by Steven Rodriguez - January 21, 2003, 9:44 pm EST
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Two discs? How many tracks? An audio story book? Are you guys sure this is a Game Boy game?

XenGamers is reporting that with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Square is releasing a set of game soundtracks.

On Feburary 19, an offical two-disc soundtrack will be released, with disc one containing the original music from the game, with disc two containing extended versions of the songs. All added up, both discs will contain an absurd 74 music tracks, which for a Game Boy Advance game, is pretty insane. The month after that, Square intends on releasing a "Drama CD" containing actual speech, telling a story of FFTA characters.

For the rest of the details, and prices for those that may consider importing, check out the rest of the skinny at XG.

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