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Are you a lazy European?

by Billy Berghammer - October 4, 2002, 8:56 am EDT
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Don't want to get off the couch? Get some monkey love!

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'The Furred Emergency Service'


Ever wanted to go on a date with a supermodel? Ever been playing a video game and wanted someone to grab you a fresh beer from the fridge? Ever wanted to be king of the world? Well now all this and more is possible, with the launch of www.monkeyassist.com

Monkey Assist 'the furred emergency service' has been developed to help celebrate the release of TimeSplitters 2 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. The free service aims to give consumers a helping hand with anything they desire - a little like the monkeys that feature in the video game. Basically you ask the team for whatever you desire and they try their hardest to oblige.

Consumers can send requests to Monkey Assist via www.monkeyassist.com, which features case studies of successful assists including a marriage proposal, writing a letter of resignation and helping to pay off a debt. The website also features a downloadable desktop monkey and e-cards like 'spank the monkey'. Alternatively requests can be sent by text to 07786 200 205, or phone on 09017 030 130.

From the end of September, Monkey Assist trucks and teams are also visiting key cities in the UK* leafleting and assisting people on the spot.

TimeSplitters 2 is being published by Eidos Interactive and will be available from 18th October 2002.

*Cities include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Southampton, Birmingham and Brighton.

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