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Nintendo announces Platinum GameCube

by Billy Berghammer - July 24, 2002, 10:17 am EDT

For all of you wishing for a silver GameCube after Spaceworld 2000, your chance is not too far off. Read on!

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It's already the most-anticipated fall lineup in video game

history--and it just powered up with a brand new one-two punch!

Nintendo of America today announces that effective October 14th,

eager players will be able to purchase the indigo-colored Nintendo

GameCube with the game they've been thirsting for, Super Mario

Sunshine, as well as a Memory Card 59 to save their game progress, in

one, aggressively priced hardware/software bundle. The Super Mario

Sunshine bundle will be available at a manufacturer's suggested retail

price of $189.95.

Then, on November 3rd players will begin to see the Nintendo

GameCube itself in a whole new light. Following the overwhelming

market response to the Platinum Edition of the handheld Game Boy

Advance, a limited edition Platinum Nintendo GameCube dazzles the

market, featuring a controller of the same shine. The Platinum Edition

Nintendo GameCube will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price

of $149.95.

Finally, for those who view `going platinum' as a total lifestyle

statement, the Platinum Game Boy Advance will make a brief return

visit beginning on November 3rd as well, with an MSRP of $79.95.

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