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Majesco Announces Hyperspace Delivery Boy

by Jonathan Metts - July 15, 2002, 9:53 am EDT
Source: Majesco Press Release

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Majesco has announced an original GBA game called Hyperspace Delivery Boy. It features both puzzle and action modes of gameplay and will be available this fall. We should have screenshots later today. Here's the official press release:



EDISON, NJ, July 15, 2002 - An engaging puzzle adventure comes to Game Boy® Advance as Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment software, introduces Hyperspace Delivery Boy. Created by Monkeystone Games, Hyperspace Delivery Boy is an exciting, quest-based game slated to ship this fall.

"Hyperspace Delivery Boy's fun game mechanics and lovable characters will entertain and challenge gamers of all ages and skill levels," said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing for Majesco. "We are thrilled to deliver a title that offers a variety in game play which includes the ability to choose between action and puzzle modes, combining two games in one."

In Hyperspace Delivery Boy, gamers assume the role of Guy Carrington as he makes his way through thirty tough assignments in his pursuit for the title of Delivery Boy First Class. Across a treacherous galaxy filled with deadly environments, insane robots, and the dreaded Sleeping Behemoths, Guy must deliver the universe's most important parcels!

Hyperspace Delivery Boy features both a puzzle mode and an action mode. Puzzle mode incorporates both adventure and puzzle elements, while action mode also adds a variety of monsters and weapons that increases the strategic elements of the game. Progress through Hyperspace Delivery Boy is achieved through the completion of different quests; the player is constantly challenged with new missions that must be completed before moving from one level to the next.

Each level of game play starts out on the HDS Colby Jack, the supply ship to which Guy Carrington is stationed and where Guy receives his new objectives. Helping Guy along the way are loveable characters such as Sergeant Filibuster and Dolly - the object of Guy's desires.

Hyperspace Delivery Boy for Game Boy Advance will be available this fall. More information on this title, as well as Majesco's entire line-up of exciting products can be found online at www.majescogames.com.

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