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Nintendo EAD's Metroid Involvement

by Jonathan Metts - May 30, 2002, 2:26 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo

Would you believe Miyamoto's people are working full-time on Metroid Prime?

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During the Nintendo developer's roundtable at E3 last week, PGC's own Jonathan Metts (that's me) got to ask Shigeru Miyamoto about his specific involvement with Metroid Prime. His answer was more than a little surprising.

First, Miyamoto-san described his level of involvement with the game as being "very high".

Second, he said that three of his people at Nintendo EAD in Japan are working every single day on Metroid Prime, so much that he would call them "half-directors". The game is primarily being developed by Retro Studios, now a fully-owned first-party Nintendo developer, located in Austin, Texas. Clearly, Retro and EAD are working very closely together on this project to make sure it lives up to the Metroid name.

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