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Star Fox Poster and More Namco Love

by Daniel Bloodworth - May 8, 2002, 1:15 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo Press Release

UPDATED with new info! Namco is definitely working on another Star Fox game and we have the poster to prove it. Several other Namco titles have also been announced!

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Update: Dengeki Online has provided some more details regarding the press conference of Namco and Nintendo. (The following is translated by our Japanese correspondent, Bakudan Yoshinoya.)

Regarding Star Fox, Miyamoto commented,

"However you put it, Star Fox Adventure

is an Action RPG, very similar to Zelda.

However, (the new) Star Fox is going to be a 3D shooting game."

The project manager, Mr. Shiozawa, of Ace Combat 4 will be participating in the Star Fox development. He commented that in Ace

Combat 4, there were a lot of things he

could not do because the game had to be

realistic. With Star Fox, he plans

to give the game more of an action movie


IGNcube was at the press conference, and they managed to snap two pics of the new cel-shaded Tales of Phantasia for GameCube. You can check those out here (it's a non-Insider article).

Finally, Mr. Driller for GC will have 4 player support. Now on to the original news posting for those of you who haven't already seen it...

Earlier today, Nintendo and Namco released a poster image of the new Star Fox game being co-developed with Namco for both GameCube and Triforce arcade hardware, squashing any doubts that the game is a reality.

Translation: FOX: All ships, report to me!

According to the press release, Namco is indeed working on the GameCube game, but the arcade version of Star Fox is still not set in stone.

Also announced were a number of other titles for both GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Games that are being released after October of 2002 are actually being published by Nintendo rather than Namco themselves. Among them are a racing game and an RPG that are both coming to GameCube. The racer is being described as the next evolution of Ridge Racer, but it isn't clear whether it will bear the series' title or not. The RPG will take place in a fantasy setting and is said to be introducing an innovative new battle system.

Here's the full list of titles:


Family Tennis Advance 06/02

Famista Advance (Baseball) 06/02

Mr Driller Ace 08/02

Klonoa 2 08/02

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 10/02

Klonoa Action-RPG 11/02

Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan 12/02

Tales of Phantasia 12/02


Mr. Driller GC 11/02

Soul Calibur 2 01/03

New GC Racing Game 03/03

Star Fox 04/03

Tales Series game (undecided title) 07/03

New GC RPG 12/03

Hopefully we'll be able to get more info on these titles at E3.

Bakudan Yoshinoya assisted with this article.

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