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Dobutsu Bancho (Animal Leader)

by Billy Berghammer - March 12, 2002, 10:35 am EST

There were a few of you who want to see more of this game in action. So we’ve got all new FREE movies of Animal Leader in action! Check it out at our new Shiggy.Net media server!

We’ve got two rather large movies of Animal Leader for your enjoyment. We’ve dropped them into our new Shiggy.Net media server for you to download! Note: Shiggy.Net is under beta testing. You will need the latest Windows

Media Player to view these movies.

Movie #1: Click Here

Movie #2: Click Here

The first movie is the entire intro to the game, and the second movie is a couple levels further into the game. Basically a whole lotta’ flesh grabbin’ and eatin’, and my little dude getting it's ass kicked. It gets bloody.


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