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Famitsu Scores Doubutsu Banchou

by Steven Rodriguez - February 19, 2002, 9:37 am EST
Source: Famitsu

We'll eventually play it as Animal Leader. We'll eventually get it scored in the high 9.0s too.

Famitsu is different. They add up the whole-number scores of four different reviewers, add them up, and get a total score out of 40. Not that sissy one person 10 point scale (with increments, no less). Because of Famitsu's legendary toughness, any game getting more than 30/40 has got to be a winner.

Well, it looks like Doubutsu Banchou is a winner, scoring a 32 (9 8 7 8) and a Gold dendo award. This continues Nintendo's amazing stretch of 30+ scores for GameCube games, with only four or five of the games released there not getting a dendo. Amazing.

Nintendo also released an obscure GBA game by the name of Doumo-Kun's Mysterious TV, a collection of mini-games. It got a 28 (8 7 6 7), which isn't too shabby a score either.

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