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Make your own Animal Leader!

by Tonkatsu Chikara - February 13, 2002, 12:18 am EST

Nintendo's new Doubutsu Banchou flyer contains some great game info, plus has a cut-out design to fold and glue into your very own cubic Animal!

Although some great GameCube software flyers have graced the internet recently, Planet GameCube now brings you the full Doubutsu Banchou flyer! The full flyer folds out revealing a continuous pattern adorning the front and back which when cut out and assembled makes a Animal Leader cube, complete with Panda and Hyena faces and including Bone and Paw flesh items!

The instructions are simple; the diagrams tell all. Anyone with enough functioning intelligence to use scissors can now make their very own Leader cube thanks to Nintendo's excellent flyer. Just be sure to fix the two sides of the Panda face together with clear tape.

Proceed to the Animal Leader Game Art Page for the full scans, rather than the thumbnails below. Then simply right-click on a scan and select 'Save Target as' or similar function to save to your desktop or other folder if you wish to resize the images with your favorite editing software. Otherwise, you can print directly from your browser.


Be sure to check out PGC's Animal Leader preview for gameplay details and impressions! Enjoy your new animal while you wait for release!

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