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Mysterious GameCube Release List from Europe

by Jonathan Metts - December 27, 2001, 3:10 pm EST
Source: GameCube Network

A Nintendo poster from the recent GameWorld Exhibition shows several interesting titles in the lineup...including Perfect Dark Zero.

GameCube Network snapped a picture of a very interesting Nintendo poster back at the recent GameWorld Exhibition. You can see the poster on their site via the link above or by clicking here.

In case you can't read that small or don't feel like eating up anyone's bandwidth, here are the highlights:

Mario Sunshine, Zelda for GameCube, Mario Kart for GameCube, Mario Party 4, and Perfect Dark Zero are all listed under Nintendo.

Under Infogrames, we have Mission Impossible 2 and Terminator.

Finally, LucasArts has Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

Thanks to Lauri K. for pointing out that the poster was placed by Agerex, Ltd., which is the Finnish Nintendo subsidiary, and that the GameWorld show was at Helsinki, Finland on Nov. 24-25.

Also thanks to Kakairo and Alessandro Martini for pointing out that Rayman Arena is still called "Rayman M" in Europe. :-)

Much thanks to Jasper Segers, who found this story at Cloudchaser Nintendo and was kind enough to alert us.

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