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Nintendo Switch Online NES Library Adds Six Games, One Tire Fire

by Donald Theriault - July 3, 2024, 9:53 pm EDT
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Now, do you want to take the chance?

Nintendo has unleashed a major update to the NES library for Switch Online subscribers tonight of wildly varying quality.

  • Urban Champion (1984/86) is a rare foray into the 1v1 fighting genre by Nintendo, which was later adapted into arcades. It was previously re-released on Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, as well as being one of the six Nintendo published 3D Classics for 3DS - a baffling decision at the time that only became more baffling with time.
  • Golf (1985/86) was an early (black box) sports title for the Famicom/NES that was built into the firmware of the Switch for a time, to be unlocked by doing the "Directly to you" motion made famous by the game's programmer - Satoru Iwata - on the anniversary of their death (July 11).
  • Mach Rider (1985/86) is a vehicular combat game from Nintendo which includes a course creator, along with its racing-focused cousin Excitebike.
  • Donkey Kong Junior Math (1983/86) is, as the name implies, a math-based puzzle game staring the simian son of the original Donkey Kong.
  • Atlantis no Nazo (localized as "The Mystery of Atlantis", 1986) is a previously Japan-exclusive platformer from Sunsoft with a focus on exploration.
  • Cobra Triangle (1989) is the first of two Rare-developed titles in this update, an isometric shooter that takes place on motorboats and featuring a David Wise-penned soundtrack with game design by the Stamper brothers.
  • Solar Jetman (1990) is the other Rare-developed title, a multi-directional scrolling shooter originally intended to be a standalone title called "Iota" in which the objective is to find the pieces of a golden starship.

The large slate of NES games coincides with the release of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition on July 18 (two weeks from tomorrow as of press time).


M.K.UltraJuly 04, 2024

Some great additions here. I have not played The Mystery of Atlantis so looking forward to trying that out.

BeautifulShyJuly 06, 2024

When I saw the trailer for the new games I smiled brightly as I saw Solar Jetman across my screen. I have wanted to play that for ages after seeing it back in the day in Nintendo Power.

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