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Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase Releases Several Games and Demos Today

by Willem Hilhorst - February 21, 2024, 11:47 am EST
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Plenty out to play today

During the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, released earlier today, several titles were announced to be released on the Nintendo Switch after the presentation. These shadow drops included a few titles that were announced earlier and also included several demo’s. In this post we’ll list an overview of everything you can play on your Switch right now, and even on that’s due tomorrow.

Demos & DLC

Unicorn Overlord: Starting out strong, the highly anticipated game from Vanillaware, creators of the acclaimed 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, Unicorn Overlord received a new trailer ahead of its release next month. Alongside the trailer a demo of the game was announced. This demo even allows for the transfer of your save data to the full game, so should give fans of tactics games a taste of what is to arrive soon. The demo can be downloaded here.

Pepper Grinder: Pepper Grinder, developed by Ach Ech and published by Devolver Digital, feels reminiscent of games like Drill Dozer. You control pepper, who wears a drill as you dig, dash and slash your way through levels while recovering treasure. This metroidvania looks extremely polished and you can give it a shot right now with a demo on the eShop. The demo can be found here.

Suika Game: Probably the breakout viral hit from last year, Suika Game will be adding multiplayer as paid DLC for the Nintendo Switch version. The Suika Game Multi-Player Mode Expansion pack allows you to play with two players and features three new game modes, including Original, which is a PVP mode in which you need to outlast the opponent, Time Attack, which is a five-minute competition and Attack mode, in which you send sinking fruit to the opposing player’s Suika board. Additionally an online mode is in development as well and will be available to those who purchase the DLC. You can purchase the DLC here.

Releasing today:

Penny’s Big Breakaway: A surprise to pretty much everyone watching the Nintendo Direct. Penny’s Big Breakaway was met with high praise when it was demoed last year at several events. This is a new game from the team behind Sonic Mania and is a 3D action-platformer where the core mechanic is a Yo-Yo that can be used as a whip to swing across gaps, fight enemies and hover in the air. It’s colorful artstyle should make players that crave more platformers immediately feel at home. The game is available today on the eShop and costs 29,99.

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! Has anyone seen Neal? No? Well not really surprising because the remake / sequel of the 3DS cult-hit Pocket Card Jockey dropped out of nowhere on Switch today. For those who haven’t played the original, you are in for a treat as you play matches of Solitaire during horse races. As you win competitions, you can improve your horse stats, while getting power-ups to increase your solitaire playing abilities. But watch out, this game can suddenly take up all of your free time. Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! Also comes with a free demo, if you feel like getting a taste of the horse racing solitaire lifestyle! The full game is available for $15.

Nintendo Switch Online Rareware blast: For those who are waiting for Rare Replay to hit the Nintendo Switch, perhaps the wait just got a whole lot easier as five, yes five, Rare Games hit Nintendo Switch Online today. These games span an entire era of Rareware and will expose a lot of new players to some of these classics. Snake Rattle ‘n Roll and R.C. PRO-AM will hit the NES Nintendo Switch Online service today, followed by Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and Killer Instinct on the SNES Nintendo Switch Online. But for those paying for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, you will also be able to play Blast Corps from the N64 today. Check out the trailer down below for an overview of the five games.


Look, even though it won’t be out for another 24 hours at least, I would like to shout out Pentiment here as well. This game is part of Xbox’s announcement of making several games available on other platforms. And while Grounded was also announced today, Pentiment will be the first game of the bunch to hit the Nintendo Switch tomorrow. Pentiment is a gorgeous narrative roleplaying game, in which you play as the painted Andreas Maler, who works in a little town in Austria in 1508. The story is magnificently told, thanks to its visual inspiration that seems directly lifted from the pages of a manuscript. If you are interested in visual novels, detective games or choice-driven role playing games, this is one that comes highly recommended. At the time of writing no store page is available yet for Pentiment.

And that’s the shadow drops from the February 2024 Partner Showcase. Let us know if you are picking up any of these games today and stay tuned for our review and further coverage!

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