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Animal Forest USA Bound?

by Max Lake - October 19, 2001, 8:35 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo

New information suggests that Miyamoto’s communication game may indeed be coming to the West.

Although Animal Forest was shown at E3 and rumors before and since have suggested the title might be coming to North America, no concrete information concerning a release has been made. At SpaceWorld, it was revealed the GameCube version would interact with the GBA version to access new parts of the game and do customization things, such as designing wallpapers.

Now, with the recent update of NintendoGameCube.com, Animal Forest is seen running on GBA on the page addressing the connection between GBA and GameCube. Animal Forest itself isn’t mentioned on the page, though on the newly added games list, Animal Forest is listed as a “Future Release” (incidentally, which is the status of every game on the list). While these two discoveries are not quite a full confirmation, they do seem to indicate the game is indeed planned for outside of Japan.

PGC will have a full preview of Animal Forest soon.

UPDATE: Several readers wrote in to infom us that Nintendo.com actually has a game page for Animal Forest, which does indeed confirm the game for U.S. release.

Nintendo’s Animal Forest game page has the following:

And now for something completely different! The Japanese developers dubbed Animal Forest a "communication game." In an utterly unique community, you'll interact with other players and CPU-controlled characters. A wardrobe that varies with your character's surroundings is just one of many subtle touches that greatly deepen the game-playing experience. One of the most innovative N64 games ever to be released in Japan, Animal Forest is being optimized for its U.S. debut on the GameCube

It’s quite safe to say that we can expect Animal Forest in the USA. Thanks a heap to everyone who wrote in with the info!

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