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GameCube Websites Open Up

by Jonathan Metts - September 15, 2001, 8:55 am EDT
Source: Various

Pikmin.com is open for business, while NintendoGameCube.com has a new look and new info on the Cube Clubs.

Thanks to Nintendo Pulse, we now know that the initial Pikmin website has launched. There isn't much to it, but you can sign up to receive Pikmin news via email, and you get to hear some of the awesome Pikmin music (though the sample is very short and repetitive).

More interesting is the big update to NintendoGameCube.com, which now has printable tickets for getting into the Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles Cube Clubs. It's not clear whether a ticket will actually be necessary to get in, but if nothing else, the tickets have the address where you'll want to go for that GameCube lovin'.

The website also has a neat little Flash game where you can swing the GameCube controller all over the place, and if you slam it into the sides of the window long enough, a new option opens up for you to download some Luigi wallpaper.

Thanks to the many people who wrote in about NintendoGameCube.com, including thrillz31, Steve Landaverde, Alex, and Clumsozerk.

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