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Enix in the USA: Then and Now

by Max Lake - August 29, 2001, 12:21 pm PDT
Source: The Japan Times Online

Steven Kent’s latest article takes a look at the popular RPG series and the endeavors of Enix in North America.

“We like Steven Kent so here's more of his work...” said the subject line of the email we got from reader “dfriedberg.” We’re big fans of Steven Kent too, so we’re happy to point you to his latest article, Americanizing the Dragon, found on the online version of the Japan Times. It focuses on Enix, makers of Dragon Quest, which remains one of the most popular RPG series in Japan.

Not directly Nintendo related, the article is incredibly informative in regards to Enix and how they have brought its games to America. As classic as the original Dragon Warrior on NES may be to gamers in North America, Enix’s U.S. operations are actually quite small.

In the article, you’ll learn all about:

  • Why the series is called “Dragon Warrior” & not “Dragon Quest” in the U.S.

  • The decline & resurrection of Enix’s American offices

  • How Enix controls the content of its games and prefers to leave them unchanged as much as possible for the U.S. market

  • The decision not to alter somewhat “mature” things in the recent release of Dragon Warrior III for GBC (earning the game a “T” for “Teen” rating)

    While the gaming world waiting with anticipation to see how, when, where & which console the Dragon Warrior series ends up, our pal Steve Kent steps in with a really good look at Enix’s position in the American market! How can ya not dig it?

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