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Brownie Brown Confirms GC Development

by Jonathan Metts - August 25, 2001, 11:53 am PDT
Source: Brownie Brown

The Nintendo second-party developer behind Magical Vacation says it has a GameCube project in the works.

Thanks to an awesome tip from reader Richard Cudney, we now know that Japanese second-party Brownie Brown is working on GameCube. The company is formed from former SquareSoft employees who worked on the Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) series. Their first GBA game, Magical Vacation, is due out near the end of the year in Japan and may also be released elsewhere.

The following is the English version of a post Brownie Brown made at their own message board (BB posted it in both Japanese and English):

Dear everybody,

How have you been? In Japan, summer is coming to an end & being cool recently.

Thank you so much for all of your messages on our web. It's always cheering up our spirit!

Well, you know, "Nintendo Space World 2001" will be held in Japan on 24August, and "Magical Vacation" will come out there and is able to experience to play. (Sorry, we want to bring it to all of you, but it's available in Japan only.) The release to other countries is still pending, but we're eagerly wishing to bring our game to as many fans in all over the world as possible.

Maybe you'are wondering about our future project for Gamecube.....actually, it is not fixed yet, but positive.

Again, thank you very much for your continuous support & heart-warming message to Brownie Brown & Magical Vacation.

We will promise to keep doing our very best for you.

Brownie Brown Co., Ltd.

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