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E3 2023 Officially Cancelled

by Donald Theriault - March 30, 2023, 5:08 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: IGN

As was said so blithely about Mighty No 9 3DS earlier this week... bye, Felicia.

What has been obvious for days is now official: E3 2023 is cancelled.

Following confirmation of cancellations from major industry players including the last console manufacturer standing in Nintendo as well as Ubisoft and Sega, IGN has confirmed that the fourth attempt to hold the beleaguered event in person this decade has met the same fate as the other three; cancellation. Members of the ESA were notified this morning by email, which notably did not mention plans for a return in 2024 or future years.

The show had attached themselves to annual video presentations such as the Mix Indie Showcase, its accompanying Black Voices In Gaming broadcast, and the PC and Future Gaming Shows; there is no word on if these presentations will shed the E3 branding as well. After splitting from the ESA in 2020 prior to the cancellation of that year's E3, veteran games industry writer Geoff Keighley has already confirmed the 2023 return of "Summer Games Fest" with an "Opening Night Live" presentation on June 8 and press demos in Los Angeles the following week.

UPDATE 9:00 pm EDT: In a tweet, the E3 also announced the "digital" portion of E3 is also cancelled, implying the shows will not be cobranded as "E3".


broodwarsMarch 30, 2023

I'll miss the glory days of "E3 Christmas", but the event really didn't have a purpose once studios stopped doing live gameplay demos and started just showing trailers. And they were doing that even before everyone shifted to Direct-style trailer reels so...*shrug* ?

azekeMarch 31, 2023

Nintendo Direct killed the E3 star.

DoomsDayDonutMarch 31, 2023

My lasting memory of E3 is when Jesse Wellens bombed the Need For Speed: Payback introduction. I go back and rewatch that clip at least twice a year lmao, good times

ThePermApril 02, 2023

I remember years ago when people were arguing Nintendo was going out of business because they decided not to do e3.  They were just ahead of the curve.

jarodeaApril 03, 2023

I miss the days of skipping college classes or taking the day off work to watch Nintendo's E3, but time moves on.  I still miss the days of the developers not just speaking to only "favored outlets" and avoiding uncomfortable questions.

Mop it upApril 04, 2023

Twenty years ago, this wold have been some sort of April Fools joke.

broodwarsApril 04, 2023

Quote from: Mop

Twenty years ago, this wold have been some sort of April Fools joke.

Ironically, 20 years ago, I think the general gaming public still wouldn't have cared. I feel like E3 didn't rise in the public consciousness until broadband internet really became a thing in the mid to late 2000s. You know, when we could watch the conferences.

KhushrenadaApril 04, 2023

I did enjoy the hype and memes that could come from E3 but, without it around, I've realized that what I really appreciated about E3 was just that it was reliable date for gaming news announcements. It was a date you could mark on the calendar and know the industry was going to showcase a bunch of stuff. Now you have people begging for a Nintendo Direct every week because no one knows when the next one will be.

ThePermApril 04, 2023

e3 was big in 1999-2004 for me. I was also interested in the showings at Spaceworld.

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