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Update on Saffire's Nintendo Projects

by Jonathan Metts - July 18, 2001, 10:32 am EDT
Source: Saffire

Get the scoop on all of Saffire's upcoming GameCube and GBA games, including info on some that will link up the two systems!

Today we contacted Saffire, developer of StarCraft: Brood War (PC) and Rainbow Six (N64), for an update on what they're working on for Nintendo's two systems. Here's a list of their projects and everything we know about them:

Lego Bionicle for GBA - The game has been finished for a while and is currently making it through Nintendo's evaluation process. It should be out soon, but the exact release date is up to Lego. We've also contacted Lego and will hopefully have that info soon. The lead programmer, Dave Rushton, told PGC that Nintendo was very helpful in Bionicle's development, and that they helped him pull off a few tricks with the hardware that were thought to be impossible.

Young Olympians: Mythos - Still on track for a multi-platform release. The game is said to be in far better shape than the build we saw at E3. It looks like it may be published by different companies on different systems. A GameCube version is still unconfirmed, but very likely. Since Mythos is being developed in Saffire's proprietary SAGE environment, the developers don't have to gear it towards a specific platform until it's almost complete.

Two GameCube titles - No specifics are available yet, but one has been "totally started" and the other is about to begin development. Neither will be ready until 2002.

Various GBA titles - Two of Saffire's GBA games will link up to one of their GameCube games. The link-up features will use the GC-GBA cable (of course) and will involve transferring data between the handheld and console versions, among other things. There will also be an option to use the GBA as a controller in the GameCube game, although that won't be required or anything. Rushton is also working on another GBA game, and Saffire has contracts pending on at least three more. Dave snagged one of these contracts with his GBA fighting game engine, which many of the PGC staff got to try out at E3. That's not to say that Saffire has a handheld fighting game coming, but it's extremely likely.

Saffire is very, very pleased with the GameCube hardware, and they're finding it just as developer-friendly as Nintendo has promised.

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