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Sakaguchi is Positive about Nintendo

by Jonathan Metts - July 13, 2001, 10:33 am EDT
Source: LA Times

The creator of Final Fantasy is interested in Nintendo and says FFXI needs to be on ALL consoles.

In Thursday's edition of the LA Times, an interview with Final Fantasy guru Hironobu Sakaguchi reveals some interesting things about Square and Nintendo.

Q: The first "Final Fantasy" game came out on the Nintendo platform. In 1996, the games migrated to the Sony PlayStation console. Do you plan to make games for the Nintendo Gamecube or Microsoft's Xbox?

A: That certainly is a possibility. In fact, executives at Square are very enthusiastic about Nintendo. Square is moving into online games. "Final Fantasy XI," which will be released next year, will be a fully online game. To make that work, you have to transcend hardware. If we want to do financially well online, we need to exist across all consoles.

Very enthusiastic about Nintendo? FFIX on all consoles? Whoa. This is definitely in stark contrast to NCL president Yamauchi's comments about Square, although many people think that Nintendo is just playing hardball until they can secure a satisfactory agreement with Square.

Special thanks to AniHawk1 for the great tip!

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