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Animal Leader Jumps to GameCube

by Jonathan Metts - July 5, 2001, 9:58 pm EDT
Source: Famitsu and IGNcube

The oddball evolution-sim has been canceled for N64 and will now be a GameCube title.

According to Famitsu Weekly, as reported by IGNcube, Nintendo's bizarre evolution game Doubutsu Banchou, or Animal Leader, has been shifted over to GameCube development from the outgoing N64.

The game was originally announced at Spaceworld 2000, but it hasn't been heard from since. It's quite possible that the development shift happened as far back as fall 2000, and we're only now being told about it. Regardless, Nintendo has not said when Animal Leader will arrive on GameCube, and we probably won't hear more about it until this year's Spaceworld show in August.

Doubutsu Banchou was certainly one of the most bizarre N64 offerings at Spaceworld 2000, and that's saying something. Check out our new profile for the game to see what it's all about and what makes it so unique.

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