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PQube Accused Of Predatory Practices As A Space For The Unbound Delayed

by Donald Theriault - August 24, 2022, 7:11 am EDT
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Some pretty damning accusations made toward a regular Switch publisher.

A frequent Switch publisher is being accused of predatory business practices involving the release of an independent game planned for release shortly.

A Space for the Unbound is an adventure game set in Indonesia, which was developed by the Indonesian developer Mojiken and published by Toge Productions (publishers of Coffee Talk), which was announced for Switch release in 2021. The game was to be published on consoles by British publisher PQube.

In a statement (embedded Twitter post below), Mojiken and Toge are accusing PQube of "predatory business practices", which include allegedly applying for a "diversity grant" from an unnamed console manufacturer in 2020, withholding the funds from Mojiken, and not even disclosing the existence of the grant until it was discovered in March of this year. The agreement to publish A Space for the Unbound has been terminated, though PQube is still refusing to turn control back over.

UPDATED 8:20 am E.T.: PQube have issued a response via Video Games Chronicle which states in part "Toge Productions have sought for some time to unilaterally enforce unreasonable revised terms to our agreement and it is disappointing that, as a result of not achieving that and despite PQube’s significant efforts to accommodate this, they have sought to deal with the matter in this way. We will respond through the appropriate channels".

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