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Sunbreak Expansion For Monster Hunter Rise To Receive Demo, Title Updates

by Donald Theriault - June 13, 2022, 6:20 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Capcom

The news desk is currently having flashbacks to the 4 Ultimate endgame

Capcom's showcase has given some new information about the June 30 Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, including an opportunity to try the new features out early.

A demo for Sunbreak will be available tomorrow on the eShop which will include training modes and four monsters to fights including the returning Astalos (an advanced hunt) and flagship monster Malzeno ("expert hunt"). Unlike previous demos, there will be no cap on the number of times monsters can be fought.

The new trailer also confirmed monsters including two returning monsters: Gore Magala (the flagship monster of 4 Ultimate) and Espinas from the Monster Hunter Frontier MMO. Variants of the Hermitaur and Rakna-Kadaki were shown along with the Jungle biome returning (last seen in Generations Ultimate).

Title updates will be available starting in August which will include a new area and the "Lucent Nargacuga" variant: updates will also be available in fall, winter, and into 2023.


EnnerJune 13, 2022

Frenzy is back, baby!

broodwarsJune 13, 2022

Nintendo: "You can't possibly put out a Monster Hunter trailer/overview more drawn-out and boring than something we'd run in one of our Directs!"


EnnerJune 14, 2022

Please don't be mean to my grindy game that I will play many hours with my friends T_T

broodwarsJune 14, 2022

Quote from: Enner

Please don't be mean to my grindy game that I will play many hours with my friends T_T

I'm just making fun of the extremely long and pointlessly detailed trailer. I don't care for the series, but to each their own.

Seriously, that was a contender for the worst trailer at the Capcom show, which is impressive considering the twin middle fingers Capcom had for both Dragon's Dogma and Resident Evil 4 fans.

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