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Rare’s Secret E3 Game

by Max Lake - May 22, 2001, 4:52 pm EDT
Source: Tendo Box

A First Person Adventure from Rare? A secret game was shown behind closed doors and while we didn’t see it & there are not many specifics, here’s what we do know…

During E3, Tendo Box reported hearing about a mysterious Rare game being shown behind closed doors. Apparently, the game is similar to Rare’s previous platformer games, yet in the third-person. TB’s sources also mentioned the game looking very similar to Perfect Dark and possessing a very sci-fi feel to it.

Could it be Perfect Dark 0? Very possible, considering Rare’s follow up to the game was supposedly going to be at E3 & has hinted at taking the series in new directions. Could it be something else? Rare is always cooking up surprises and traditionally makes more new games than sequels, as most recently evidenced by the surprise appearance of Kameo.

Color us curious, though knowing Rare and their usual tomfoolery, we probably won’t know more until they’re good and ready to tell us.

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