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Metroid Prime – A Prequel?

by Max Lake - May 15, 2001, 12:47 am EDT
Source: IGN Cube

IGN investigates "Metroid Prime" and finds proof of a prequel. New info & implications on Metroid GC & Advance!

Yesterday, PGC posted an investigation into what could possibly be the new name for Metroid, “Metroid Prime.” After a few hours, IGNCube followed up our story with one of its own, combining the research of Millhouse with a report from a source close to Retro Studios. What did they come up with?

Essentially, that Metroid for GameCube may very well be a prequel, while Metroid Advance will serve as Metroid 4.

According to IGN Cube’s source:

"The Metroid Chronology as I know it: Metroid --- GC, Metroid 1 NES, Metroid 2 GB, Metroid 3 SNES, and Metroid 4 GBA. Since Retro couldn't get Metroid 4, they had to get imaginative."

IGNCube also disclosed some of the fake names that were registering all those “Metroid Prime” names (“MetroidPrime.com is owned by a one Fatius Lighter, while Metroid-Prome.com is owned by Steady Stumble”) that are so goofy we agree that it’s probably Nintendo behind all this. Finally, they remind the world that “prime” isn’t just the last name of your favorite Autobot—it also means "the earliest stage" or "the first in time."

So Metroid Prime could very well be the GameCube Metroid and it looks like a prequel. Metroid Advance is now confirmed to be Metroid 4, picking up where Super Metroid left off.

Speaking of Metroid Advance, if there had been any doubts, we can now happily confirm that it is a sidescrolling platformer, similar to all previous Metroid titles.

We'll have more specifics from E3!

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