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GameCube Controller Changes Again!

by Max Lake - May 13, 2001, 7:48 pm EDT
Source: IGNCube

The controller changes again! IGN Cube and N-Sider have made mock-ups and we’re hear to tell you what we know about controller changes, our speculation and the rumors.

Along with being nice enough to link PGC for our logo-discovering escapades, IGNCube recently posted a story about changes to the GameCube controller and posted a new controller mock-up.

PGC is here to tell you that IGN’s mock-ups match with what we’ve heard. The B button is no longer a bean shaped, or green. Now apparently it is red, round and a little farther away from the central round A button. The reason for the change was to ensure that people would not accidentally hit the B button when pressing the A frantically.

Other changes are that the start button is now smaller and gray instead of red.

Check it out below:

IGN Pre-E3 NGC Controller mock up

N-Sider also made a pretty good mock up too, wisely including the new official logo:

N-Sider Pre-E3 NGC controller mock-up

So is there anything else new we can expect from the GameCube controller? Maybe… Here’s some of what we might see:

Longer grips?

When Billy and TYP raided the LA Convention Center, they claimed that the banner of the controller showed off seemingly longer grips of the controller. IGN Cube’s mock-ups don’t reflect longer grips. Our pictures of Nintendo’s E3 banners don’t show off the controller very well. I’ll let Billy and TYP discuss what they saw in comments and leave it at that.

Four shoulder buttons?

Allegedly, when our pal Steven Kent got to play Rogue Squadron at Factor 5 recently, there were numerous versions of the GameCube controller and one apparently had 4 shoulder buttons. Whether or not the final design will have 4 shoulder buttons (one being a “second Z trigger”) is unknown. One source tells us “no way.” We’ll see…

Communication Port?

Back at SpaceWorld, Miyamoto stated that all the features had not been revealed yet. Therefore, suggesting that there is something secret up Shiggy’s sleeve. If you’ve read the controller section of our GameCube FAQ, you may have caught that there has been speculation.

We’ve heard different reports. One reliable told us it was a lock some time ago. Word from some developers is that it isn’t in the controller. One source has said “there is no secret feature.” Could it be that Nintendo hasn’t revealed all the features to even developers? If so, it could be something as revolutionary as a communications port – or something equally unique that Nintendo would want to keep close to its chest.

For now we don’t really know anything for sure. Still, we’ll be holding the actual controllers soon and we’ll be sure to let you know all about it!

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