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New Switch Firmware Adds Support For Bluetooth Audio

by Donald Theriault - September 14, 2021, 8:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo

No mics, no folders, but still a major boost.

A new version of Switch system software has added far more than stability.

The version 13 update, available now, has activated support for Bluetooth audio. A list of restrictions for using the headphones can be found on Nintendo's support page, but the major ones are only one headset can be active at a time and using headsets limits the available controllers to two wireless ones (eg: one set of Joy-Cons).

Other features in the update include an option for upgrading firmware on the docks that will come with the Switch OLED, and an option to restrict internet access to a system when in sleep mode for additional battery savings. By default, the latter setting maintains the internet connection fully (for background downloading).


EnnerSeptember 14, 2021

How low can the lat(ency) go!

Ever since trying and failing to play a smartphone rhythm game over the bluetooth connection with a car's audio deck and some gifted wireless speakers, I'm skeptical of wireless audio for video games. I am aware of low-latency codecs and hardware that will help in this issue, but I haven't made the purchase.

A wire will never betray you! . . . until it snaps.

mereelSeptember 15, 2021

There is noticeable latency, but for most games this will be fine. I play my Switch during my lunch break, usually with no audio since the switch didn’t support BT. I didn’t want to carry around a set of wired earbuds just for Switch. So for me this is very helpful!

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterSeptember 15, 2021

The latency issue won't matter for 99% of games.

Mop it upSeptember 16, 2021

Maybe in another 4 years they'll enable the USB 3.0 port...

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