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Pokemon Center GBA has arrived!

by Billy Berghammer - April 30, 2001, 3:37 pm EDT

Billy's Special Edition Suikun Blue Pokemon Center GBA arrived! With a link cable! It's sparkly!

The buzzer rang about 2pm CST. Mr. Mailman wants to deliver some gifts to Planet GameCube? Sure! I'll sign for these! My Limited Edition Suikun Blue Pokemon Center GBA has finally arrived!

Another gift from the heavens!

The Box containing the GBA goodies!


The Pokemon Center GBA Box: Front

Comparison shot

Box Comparison Shot

PC GBA Box (back)

The Pokemon Center GBA Box: Back

PC GBA Box (side)

The Pokemon Center GBA Box: Side

PC GBA Box (top)

The Pokemon Center GBA Box: Top

Pokemon Center Special Edition GBA

Gotta watch for drool!

Shiny Blue baby!

Oooohhh...so shiny!

Pikachu and Pichu

Pikachu and Pichu...together for GBA Love.

The Color!

Shiny things really make me happy!

Pokemon Center Label

The Official label of the Pokemon Center. Dig it.

All shiny metallic blue and new. The way the GBA was supposed to be right Nintendo?! Cough! METALLIC! Cough! Oh well! I had to get one of these. After getting to go to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo last year, it was a moral imperative.

Pokemon Center Special Edition GBA and Case

Pokemon Center Special Edition GBA, and Pokemon Center Case

If you're looking to nab one of these, check out Upstate Games, Buy-Rite,

or NCSX. Remember, these suckers are limited edition, and they are going fast. Originally the only place to get these we're the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo and Osaka. It's called the Suikun Blue because that's the color of the #245 Pokemon - Suikun, a character from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. (thanks to Mikey from TB for the correct spelling...I am not a pokemaniac) He's the featured cover model of Pokemon Crystal. What a hottie!

Be one of the few out there to own a Pokemon Center Edition GBA! And the case above is not included. I nabbed that from the Pokemon Center last year.

Not to say Nintendo won't have US limited edition versions. I'm sure there will be some. Maybe a Toys R' Us limited edition Gold like the N64 controllers? Another thing, New York will be getting a Pokemon Center soon! We'll have to wait and see! Now it's off to play me some multiplayer GBA love! Here's some shots of the linked madness!

All linked and loaded!

Close up: Linked
From the backside

Close up: Inserted
A clear link!

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