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More Steven Kent Pro-Nintendo Goodness

by Justin Nation - April 30, 2001, 3:07 am EDT
Source: New York Daily News

It seems that every Nintendo fan's best mainstream media friend has been spotted once more, spreading the love the Big N so desperately needs...

While it must be acknowledged that the Nintendo bashing articles that were seen so much about a month ago seem to have cooled here comes our boy Steven Kent again talking up the Big N in a mainstream publication.

To get a feel for this piece one has to look no farther than the opening paragraph:

Sony has the head start, Microsoft has the millions for marketing, but as battle lines become clearer, it appears that Nintendo may be best positioned to overtake the video-game world.

What other good stuff does Steven have to say? We'll let you read it there but if you want a Nintendo-style warm fuzzy certainly give it a look, as E3 approaches more positive things like this being thrown out to the mainstream world are a very good thing.

A big thanks and shout out to long-time reader Eric Stoller who pointed this article out in the Forum.

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