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Prolific Publishing announces NGC game

by Max Lake - April 26, 2001, 3:23 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot

Prolific Publishing would like the world to now they're making a GameCube game. They won't tell you what it is however...

GameSpot has reported that Prolific Publishing was work underway on an all new, original game for the Nintendo GameCube. Based in Burbank, California, Prolific Publishing has disclosed that it has other games in development for the Microsoft X-Box and Sony PS2, though emphasize that the NGC project is being developed from the ground up exclusively for Nintendo’s new console. The project is currently in the conceptual stages and Prolific does not plan to release further details publicly at this time. The company has previously developed licensed games for various publishers, including 102 Dalmations and Magical Racing Tour for the Sega Dreamcast and Return Fire for the PlayStation. It is also developing Shrek for the Game Boy Color and currently has one Game Boy Advance project in the works.

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